RAM Contracting


After years in the construction industry focusing on the custom home building, Robert Marzilli started RAM Contracting. To provide competitive service in this construction niche in the GTA, the company goes beyond completing projects on time and within budget. RAM Contracting works closely and listens to the clients’ demands, strives to exceed expectations, and gives clients exactly what they seek — a unique house that provides everything they need in order to call building a “home”.

“I started the company because I saw customers were not happy with what they were getting. I worked with customers who were generally unhappy with the final finish of their homes. I wanted to see people happy, so I opened my own company, starting with one custom house. Then I got into the landscaping because the customers wanted me to complete that as well. So we ventured out into that, and today we offer turnkey building solutions,” says Marzilli.  

Marzilli launched the company in 2000, and under his lead the company continues on the path of reliable and quality built homes. Over the years, RAM Contracting assembled the most dynamic team that tends to the company’s list of exclusive clients, and builds dream houses that aim for perfection through uncompromising attention to detail and unsurpassed craftsmanship. The company has 16 full-time employees who take care of the daily operations, and contracts sub trades during the busy season. The company builds up to five custom houses and up to 10 large landscaping projects a year.

Marzilli does not plan any exponential business expansion in the nearby future, and rather than focusing on the company’s bottom line and business growth, he prefers to focus on the client.

Due to the fairly small size of the company and a limited number of projects RAM Contracting takes on, the company relies solely on the word of mouth for marketing. The tactic of quality service has been paying off. “We simply do a good job for clients and they pass on our name. That’s how we grew and landed quite a few high-end clients,” says Marzilli, and he points at the company’s ability and focus to build trust and relationships with the clients before building their homes. It was this ability that propelled the company’s reputation and solidified its name as a reliable, premier design built contracting company in the GTA.

RAM Contracting provides full turnkey service, from initial consultation to lot selection and real estate services, to design (architectural renderings, mechanical and electrical drawings, structural and geotechnical engineering, landscape and interior décor), building permits and approval processes, financing, project management, construction and future maintenance services.

Everything RAM Contracting does has the goal of ensuring trustworthy and successful building experience for the owner. The company also put in place RAM Systematic Building Procedure. This process assures that the company clearly understands the goals of the projects in the early stages, eliminating all potential building misunderstandings and avoiding construction pitfalls. The process also eliminates guess work from the financial perspective, and as a professional builder, RAM Contracting negotiates pricing to get the best value possible, receiving supplier and trades discounts for the client. To foster its relationships within the industry, RAM Contracting is associated and affiliated with Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD, the voice of the land development, home building and professional renovation industry in the GTA), RenoMark, Tarion Warranty Program, Canada Green Building Council, Homestars.com, and SAM Awards.

Marzilli says he does not have a favourite project, but rather he treats each house as if he was building his own home, spending where spending is due, without cutting costs on what matters. “There are ways of cutting expenses, buy I simply do not take that shortcut. I take pride in what I do and I get involved with each project and each customer, and that’s why I don’t have a favourite project.

“My goal is to keep the customer happy. We work closely with the clients, but it happens that the final physical space does not appeal to them, so we always find a solution. If a customer does not like a certain wall or layout, it is a big thing because it will be their living space for years to come, and it’s not a large issue for us to move a wall and rearrange it. It’s about the small things that matter, and about being flexible and adjusting to the clients’ needs,” says Marzilli.

Providing services in a custom building construction segment offers RAM Contracting professionals quite a range of unique building challenges, because the tastes of the clients vary vastly. “We have built various kinds of houses, modern, transitional, and traditional. We work with our clients to find out what they like and creating designs that fit their lifestyles. We start simply by finding a simple image of a house, a style that appeals to them, and then we work with the architects and engineers to design the house the client will like,” says Marzilli.

Marzilli plans to expand his staff but does not want to grow the company into a large firm. He says that it would prevent him from providing the thorough customer service the clients receive today. “As we stand now, it is already tough to maintain the high level of involvement with the customer I like to keep.

That’s why our focus will be on the internal growth rather than landing more projects. I’m committed to continue the high-level of service rather than spreading our service too thin, not providing the service customers seek,” concluded Marzilli.