READY! COMPUTER CORPORATION (“READY!”) — disrupts the portable market with affordable, easy-to-build computer kits

TORONTO, Jan. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — READY! COMPUTER CORPORATION has officially launched the READY! MODEL 100 portable computer KICKSTARTER campaign: READY! MODEL 100 is a durable portable computer you build yourself with a smartphone, SBC like a Raspberry Pi, x86 or other boards. READY! empowers people to build a customizable system that is upgraded and repaired independently using “spare parts”.  READY! is opposed to “disposable” and “planned-obsolescent” technology.Announced in December 2020; media outlets published the “barebones” kit to be estimated at $400 USD, however, READY! proudly announces the MODEL 100 “PRO” barebones kit will start at $239 USD and the MODEL 100 “NEO” complete functioning system for $390 USD. READY! welcomes anyone who seeks to build a customizable and reliable portable computer, experienced or not. READY! is also offering a BUY-ONE-GIVE-ONE program where a MODEL 100 will be shipped to Aboriginal community youth members.“I was sick of buying a new laptop every few years. I wanted something built-to-last that I could assemble and repair myself, with no formal training necessary. The READY! 100 lets you customize your computer the way you want it,” said Jesse Lafleur, President of READY!. “We designed it to be easy to build using an attractive aluminum enclosure with a touchscreen LCD panel and programmable illuminated keyboard. We’re paving the way to reduce electronic waste and improve computer literacy with an easy-to-build kit.  Neophytes will have detailed step-by-step instructions and videos to get up and running easily.”The MODEL 100 is designed for technicians, musicians, radio operators, sysadmins, audio/video producers, and specialists of any kind. The MODEL 100 features a 1920×480 ultra-wide multi-touch IPS LCD display, 64 key RGB LED mechanical keyboard, 4 SMA antenna ports, 12 universal panel mounts that let users choose their connections (USB, HDMI, RCA, MIDI, etc).  Inspired by the best of 1980s, this cutting edge system is packed with 2021 technology. READY! has taken advantage of the latest DIY processor boards, landing somewhere between a universal I/O multi-tool, a custom cyberdeck, and a laptop. READY! COMPUTER CORPORATION was founded in Toronto, Canada in December 2020 after a 2 year research and development process to produce unique and disruptive user technology solutions. READY! is dedicated to “right-to-repair” and youth computer literacy while offering maximum customization and utility for expert specialists using recyclable materials to help minimize electronic waste.If you would like more information please contact us at [email protected]A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

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