Redeemer University College

Redeemer University College is an academic institute that educates the body, spirit, and mind. Founded in 1982, the Hamilton-based Christian university offers a distinctive Liberal arts and science curriculum that integrates whole life educational values.

Redeemer’s learning environment fosters academic excellence and a commitment to a quality, holistic educational experience. Its Christian academic base prepares students for not only a career path, but a holistic life outside of the classroom.

“Redeemer students strengthen what they believe their calling to be,” Doriel Moulton, Chief Marketing and Enrolment Officer with Redeemer University College, told The Canadian Business Journal. “We accomplish this through our faculty interacting with students. Our staff is very conscious about delivering a positive on-campus experience.”

A responsive learning environment means intimate class sizes and accessible professors that further student abilities. Redeemer also looks to its past graduates and alumni to act as mentors to current students. Alumni being the best testimonial of the Redeemer experience, many of whom benefitted from this same supportive network.

“We always say that when you leave Redeemer, you can work anywhere, because you’re prepared for not only a career, but a calling; Redeemer prepares students for life,” Moulton added. “The whole person is equipped through academics. The whole life education is very important to us.

“When you meet anyone who has attended Redeemer, the one thing they talk about incessantly is our community of care that surrounds students and propels them through their time at Redeemer.”

Values Based Career Planning

Redeemer cultivates academic and whole life excellence with a distinctive world view. Combining arts and science programming with an all-encompassing Christian base, Redeemer encapsulates its students with a whole life academic opportunity.

“When you come from a Liberal arts and science program, you find somewhere to fit, even if it’s not directly related [to your major],” Moulton explained. “Not everybody loves [the programming] at first, but at the end of the day, you’re grateful that you learned something about everything.”

Moving forward, one of Redeemer’s highest priorities is to showcase itself to international students of the world stage as an academic institute of excellence and engagement. The current enrolment counts students from all Canadian provinces, six U.S. states, as well as 20 other countries. In a bid to increase its enrolment numbers, Redeemer continues to reach abroad with recruitment efforts focused on the Asian markets. Connecting with its alumni base, counting more than 4,000 graduates, continues as well, as Redeemer moves to build enrolment figures through its ambassadors networking with prospective students.

The Redeemer Experience

Redeemer students flock to the school’s most attractive academic programming, including English, History, Psychology, Business, Education, and Sociology. So in demand in fact, Redeemer regularly introduces additional faculty to these areas of study. Across the board, Redeemer offers three degrees – Bachelor of Arts, Education, and Science – with more than 90 majors and minors available to graduates.

Away from the classroom, Redeemer’s campus atmosphere and residence life encourage students to come into themselves academically, spiritually, and individually. Students experience the Redeemer academic journey alongside fellow students, developing their academic skills and independent abilities.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Redeemer recognizes the value of increased enrolment and continues to pursue these growth initiatives. Led by President Hubert Krygsman, Redeemer embodies a positive and progressive agenda of social and academic excellence.

Although Redeemer engages in traditional recruitment strategies, visiting area schools and participating in academic fairs, the university also strives to build relationships with community churches and schools. Redeemer champions its vision and mission when recruiting new students from area schools including public, private, Catholic, and reform Christian academic institutes.

“Graduate schools are always amazed with the level of preparation of Redeemer students,” Moulton concluded. “Students are highly prepared in critical thinking and their ability to connect at a higher level.”