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Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.


In today’s competitive business landscape, increasing market share and achieving growth is more challenging than ever, and companies who are not focused on increasing the efficiency and success of their sales forces languish.

Rebnor Sales Solutions provides that focus. A B2B service employed by multinational companies such as Imperial Oil, Ricoh Canada, BDI Canada Inc., Bell Mobility, and Hellman Worldwide Logistics, simply put, Renbor enables companies to streamline their sales team and sell better. Using quantifiable measures of actions and metrics, Renbor’s full analysis of an existing sales process results in a decisive, tailored sales strategy to increase the client’s proficiency and bottom line.

Tibor Shanto is President at Renbor Sales Solution. He is a shining example of what a professional salesperson should be, with 20 years’ experience in sales and co-author of the award-winning book, Shift. His focus is simple: execution. Shanto brings into practice theory, and involves and integrates that practise into a day-to-day sales approach.

“Even if companies figure their sales are staying flat,” Shanto tells CBJ, “there is a natural attrition of customers (merging, going out of business), so you need to make up for that. Then, in addition, you need to continue to grow once you get past that base line.”

That continuation is mapped out in the Renbor methodology which begins with an action plan that involves analyzing the efficiency of a company’s ability to bring on new business and grow existing accounts.

Shanto says, “That then opens up other areas—do they have a sales process, how well are they consistently adhering and executing? How good are they are consistently feeding that process with prospects; once engaged how good they are at facilitating the sale in an efficient fashion, and so forth.

“Once these areas of discussion are opened up, we are able to explore how effectively their people are converting leads, prospects and then opportunities.”
Renbor supports frontline managers through the adoption stage, using metrics, scorecards, and other tools.

“We drive execution and mutual accountability between reps and their managers,” says Shanto, who believes the best programs are the ones that are sincerely embraced by the sales team.

“While I listen to management and place that in high regard, everybody has their own set of filters. I speak to the entire team because sometimes the battle is not the content but their willingness to consume and adopt it. You begin the process of engagement and they take ownership in the training that will follow.”

Nigel Robertson, Vice President and District Manager for the Business Development Bank of Canada, is a client of Renbor. “Before Renbor arrived, our sales people were averaging less than 0.6 in-person meetings with prospects per week. [After working with Renbor] that number has risen to and been sustained at 4.6 per week and the impact on our business has been tangible (and very profitable). Shanto has left a lasting impression on our corporate results.”

Renbor emphasizes that, along with completing the project, developing the habit of continuously engaging in the methods designed for the company after the formal program is complete is just as important.

The exhaustive approach to sales succeeds by taking small steps to gain momentum and build upon that, making Renbor the go-to team for national and international companies. When asked how companies come to Renbor, Shanto relays a number of sources. One which he’s relied on for years is Scott’s Directories. “I find it to be a great source for leads, it is broad, up-to-date, and easy to use,” he says. “I can compile a list of targeted companies in seconds.

More importantly, the versatility in searching the data base, allows me to get ideas and find companies that need my services.”

What sets Renbor apart is the execution of the plan. Its proven methodology works, and works for its clients. With Shanto writing another book in 2012, more clients will benefit from his skills and processes, thereby increasing their results and return on investment.