RESCON responds to Province’s adjustment to the essential workplaces list

Vaughan, Ont., April 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today’s announcement by the Province relating to construction activity in Ontario is balanced and appropriate. It enforces the health and safety of all Ontarians as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds as the top priority and scales back residential construction in a way which considers the technical requirements of building construction sequencing as well as the contractual responsibilities industry has to homebuyers. This approach balances the health and safety of Ontarians as well as construction workers across the province, while at the same time ensuring that much needed housing is still being provided for thousands of people.“We are pleased by the government’s decision to keep certain residential construction going,” says Richard Lyall, president of RESCON. “As the Premier has rightly noted, there are many people who are waiting for their homes to be finished in the next few weeks. We already have a significant housing crisis in Ontario and most of these homeowners who have sold their homes are at risk of being left on the street without these measures.”RESCON has and will continue to emphasize that companies must meet the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development construction standards or simply not operate. Site safety is the builders’ responsibility and they must work with everyone on the construction site including sub-trades, labour unions and workers to ensure all workers and sites are safe.“Safety has and always will be the industry’s top priority,” RESCON vice-president Andrew Pariser emphasizes. “The Occupational Health and Safety Act allows workers to refuse unsafe work, but also mandates Joint Health and Safety committees, an avenue for workers and management to address safety concerns at an early stage. Our goal is to address safety issues (COVID-19 related or not) through communication and teamwork before they become a hazard.”RESCON stands with front-line workers and everyone who is helping Ontarians get through these difficult times. We will continue to work with the provincial government and industry partners to ensure that construction work continues in a responsible and suitable way.-30-Aonghus Kealy
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