Restaurant Closures

CBJ — A number of restaurants in Canada and the U.S. are closing for good, saying they can no longer bare the economic brunt during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown.

In the U.S., Chuck E Cheese, the restaurant chain that especially became a Mecca for children, is filing for bankruptcy protection.

Currently there are 266 locations open out of its network of 612 stores. It’s believed those those locations will remain open while the company negotiates with debt and lease holders.

Restaurants that can offer takeout have done so but those that rely on dining in, like Chuck E Cheese, have been hammered. One such restaurant in Ontario is Tucker’s Marketplace, known for its wide assortment of food in its buffets. With an inability to serve people indoors — and no viable outdoor dining options — Tucker’s has made the decision it will not be reopening.

There are some who opine the days of buffets may be in jeopardy, due to the numbers of people intermingling at close proximity with food and one another.