Revera Inc.

Putting people first

For almost 50 years, Revera has been providing options for seniors for community living with warm hospitable environments, and the best in compassionate care. Since the company’s humble beginnings (with just one personal-care home in Mississauga, the company’s base), it has expanded to over 220 retirement and long-term care homes, including 40 homes in select U.S. locations.

Jeff Lozon, Revera’s CEO, previously appeared in The Canadian Business Journal in 2009 representing St. Michael’s Hospital (his post prior) and was formerly a Deputy Minister of Health for Canada. Lozon has only been with Revera since June of last year, but already has formed a close relationship and affinity for Revera’s vision and values.  He says that Revera’s mandate has never changed, that Revera “Provides care and services and accommodation to seniors that is compassionate, respectful—and we do it with integrity, we do it with excellence.”

Rivera’s Pledge:


We demonstrate our commitment to safety by providing a clean, safe and healthy environment for everyone in our community.


We see our clients as people first and always respect their need for privacy in treatment or personal care.


Our diversity creates a vibrant, interesting, inclusive community. We are responsive to individual preferences, needs and values.


We treat everyone with the same high standards, regardless of gender, ethnicity, race or sexual orientation.


We respect our clients’ need to know and understand their medical conditions and treatments: that’s why we make sure they have access to their own records.


We take full responsibility for our decisions and actions. When we do make mistakes, we are quick to admit them and do all we can to put things right.


We encourage community involvement through two-way communication: we actively listen and respond to Residents’ recommendations for change, and we keep our community informed of any changes affecting their residences.

The company is a fully owned subsidiary of the Public Sector Pension Investment Board, a Canadian federal crown operation, which manages the pensions of the federal public service, the Canadian Forces, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Reserve Force.

It is this governance that permeates through Revera, and so the company is consistently “driven to make decisions that benefit our clients, staff and those who are financially tied to our company.”

Essentially, Revera is a community within a community, aiming to be accountable to the people it serves and the demographic it targets for the future.

What Revera is all about

Revera currently has a total resident capacity of over 26,500 clients, and employs 26,000 people. The size of the organization means that the company is well-positioned and educated in patient care, and can tend to the needs of Canada’s seniors. Revera’s primary services include: seniors’ information and emergency placement; seniors’ apartments; home health care; retirement; long term care; short term care; post acute care/rehabilitation; convalescent and transitional care and skilled nursing.

With operations in the U.S. and Canada, the company is certainly ready for the increasing market. “We have 100 retirement residences in Canada, 80 long term homes in Canada, 30 skilled nursing facilities in the U.S., five home care offices and 15 assisted living sites in the U.S.” says Lozon. “We certainly cover the breadth of services of care for seniors.”

Lozon explains that as the population ages, it becomes more and more important for facilities to open up with above-average care available.“We see it as a growing market to meet the changing demands of seniors and boomers, the biggest difference in the market being the need for home-care support services.  I think it’s an area, with the demographics in our society, which is going to become increasingly important moving forward. We cater to both groups that want to live in their own apartment but also provide long-term care for very frail seniors.”

Expanding to meet seniors’ needs

Revera is focused on the future, and meeting demands of the market. That means growing the U.S. side of the business.

Revera Health Systems is the American provider of short-term rehabilitation and long-term care services, designed to help seniors achieve the highest quality of life and independence possible.

The division’s residential environment offers a range of therapies including “physical, mental, social and recreational, to help residents realize their potential for health and happiness.” For seniors who are being discharged from a hospital, short-term rehabilitation is available to bridge the gap between being in the hospital and at home, as a patient gets back into day-to-day routines. Their state-of-the-art physical therapy services, through Premier Therapy Services, are one of America’s most successful providers of therapeutic services.

Long-term care through Revera is also available in locations in the U.S. These are designed to meet the physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual needs of residents, much the same as the company intends across all borders.

No matter what geographical region a senior is in, Revera provides all options possible for comfortable living. Lozon says that the care provider’s biggest accomplishment is that it “day in and day out provides superb services to seniors who need us.” He adds that this accomplishment “isn’t so much of an individual event, but rather the dedication of 26,000 people to seniors across the country. Our proudest accomplishment is having a very values based approach” to Revera’s mission.