Roy Speed & Ross

Vehicle registry and recovery network

When it comes to the best in vehicle theft deterrent systems, look to Roy Speed & Ross. The Burlington, Ont.-based company, beginning in 1998, has branched out in recent years with an industry-leading web presence that offers a system, process trademarked sales solution, known as, to the automotive industry.

According to Roy Speed & Ross, every three minutes a vehicle is stolen in Canada. With that, Roy Speed & Ross has developed systems and processes that market global automotive technology solutions to the automotive sector. Its product, best described as a vehicle registry and recovery network, and as seen on more than 5 million vehicles across Canada, unites automotive dealers, customers, and law enforcement in an effort to reduce and ultimately prevent vehicle theft.

This month, Karey Davidson, President of Roy Speed & Ross, and Brian Vaile, Vice-President of Marketing, spoke with The Canadian Business Journal about the company’s growing web presence focus and integrated web solution offerings.

Web presence leaders

Roy Speed & Ross has emerged as the industry leader because it truly understands the importance of not only having a web presence, but then utilizing this space. In conducting its business, Roy Speed & Ross integrates existing systems and processes to adapt these functions with online capability. The result is that Roy Speed & Ross now dominates in this arena of the automotive sector.

Roy Speed & Ross prides itself on being a system process company, such that these elements can be easily integrated into the automotive sales process.

Accordingly, it is a process that has been recognized within the industry, and Roy Speed & Ross is now “constantly approached” by technological companies seeking to enter the automotive industry and dealerships with integrated system-based solutions. The expertise of Roy Speed & Ross in this regard represents a growth opportunity where it can assist technological companies holding great applications for use in the automotive sector, but who struggle with integrating such applications within the industry.

“The web solution element at a car dealership level is a challenge in that they’re traditionally looking at sales opportunities that occur face-to-face in their physical dealership, whereas we found that most of their customers initiate their conversations and research on the Internet,” Vaile explained. “We work with dealerships to narrow that scope so they understand where they should look to develop their web presence to support their sales process along with utilizing effect web base B2B applications for their vehicle acquisition and disposal networks.”

Partnering in the recession

Roy Speed & Ross attributes its new product offerings, in addition to its value-add capabilities, as a means for its success in establishing viable industry partnerships during a time of economic uncertainty, particularly in the automotive sector. In keeping in line with its offering of theft prevention systems, Roy Speed & Ross late last year launched Global Identity, and this year will introduce both the Powerband Exchange web solution, and a certified pre-owned program.

The company has worked diligently to develop long-term industry marketing partnerships that network and combine the strengths of Roy Speed & Ross to be beneficial to the Canadian automotive sector.

Roy Speed & Ross dubs Global Identity as a “comprehensive and innovative identity theft restoration service”, which is marketed alongside its hallmark

“We focused on diversifying our product offering and our support available to the dealer,” Vaile commented. “Our dealer base now has more of us touching it and, as the economy picks up, car sales in 2012 will be better than 2011 and 2010.”

Exciting outlook

According to Davidson, a volume drop in the automotive industry over the last three years—about 20 per cent—was felt equally with the domestic and import vehicle markets.

“We felt it in the first couple of years in the domestic market, with all the changes the manufacturers had with closing stores, volume dropping and the credit crunch, and we felt the tsunami after that with our import dealers,” Davidson summarized.

“We’re still recovering [from the recession]. We’re not where we were in 2008 but we’ve actually expanded our product lines and our presence within the dealerships themselves.”

Today, Roy Speed & Ross wants to continue growing that presence, and is looking at opportunities within the province of Quebec, as well as foreign opportunities. It is no surprise that Roy Speed & Ross is optimistic and excited about the global interest in its organization.