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Rudolph’s Bakeries

A tradition of quality since 1951

“Our bread has true old world flavour,” says David Read, President of Rudolph’s Bakeries. Since 1951, Rudolph’s Bakeries has produced high quality bread for its loyal customers.

Named after its original founder, Rudolph’s Bakeries was established when the original German baker came to Canada. Once settled in his new country, he began baking a full range of German baked delights and rye based breads using traditional methods and the highest quality ingredients.

Rudolph’s Bakeries was passed down through the original German family until 2006, when Read and partners purchased the company. Proud of its strong legacy, Read still relies on “the goodness of the old world style of baking, using natural and organic ingredients and few preservatives to produce a commercial bread that’s very high in value.”

With recipes handed down through the generations, Rudolph’s Bakeries has a wide variety of rye, whole wheat, and natural grain breads. “We are absolutely focused on making the best bread,” says Read. “We used old world baking techniques which demands high human input. When I walk through the bakery, I talk with our people about loving our bread. Our flavour comes from the grains, the quality of the sour and individual ingredients, not additives or sugar.”

The baked German delights from the early years of Rudolph’s Bakeries are long gone with the new focus directed primarily on bread production. Rudolph’s Bakeries now produces an impressive variety of over 40 SKUs, all distributed to the major supermarket chains and Southern Ontario’s many independent stores.

Only a year after purchasing the company, world wheat prices increased dramatically, creating a global crisis in demand and putting enormous pressure on bakeries to deliver their product within the constraints of traditional pricing models. Challenging as it was at the time, Rudolph’s Bakeries not only survived the commodities spike, but emerged with a renewed sense of pride after seeing a growth in their customer base recognized the value of purchasing high quality bread that is both high on taste and nutrition.

The business has grown by two-and-a-half fold during the five years Read and his partners have been in ownership, a testament to sound management and a quality product. “We’ve grown by doing what we’ve always done, passionately focusing on quality and sound business relationships,” says Read. “Our bread is recognized as having true nutritional value; it’s not just something to wrap around your sandwich fillings. We bake our bread to be an integral part of the meal.”

Customers can find Rudolph’s breads near the deli section of their grocery store or are welcome to visit the factory outlet store in Toronto where a full range of products is always available, always fresh, always delicious.