Ryson Interior Construction

Building business

Nova Scotia-based Ryson Interior Construction is the specialist when it comes to commercial retail construction. Incorporating in 2004, Ryson Interior Construction has completed a variety of major projects for clients in the commercial retail sector, including Loblaws, Atlantic Superstore, the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission, and Home Depot. It has emerged as a leading interior construction company in Eastern Canada.

Packed portfolio

Specializing in renovating commercial big box stores, Ryson Interior Construction is currently engaged in several projects, including a renovation project at Charlottetown, P.E.I. West Royalty Superstore. The project, which began in January, wrapped up with a complete facelift to the 30,000 square foot location. The store has been retrofitted and features a completely new look, witnessed by the public at its recent grand reopening. Another supermarket, No Frills in Marystown, N.L., a 25,000 square foot location, also received a renovated, updated design.

Many renovations completed by Ryson Interior Construction assist clients with modernizing their stores, bringing them up-to-date. The company helps its retail clients in designing their stores for the future. Ryson Interior Construction works across Atlantic Canada, with projects based in Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

Subcontracting success

Mark Stevenson, President of Ryson Interior Construction, attributes much of the company’s success to its relationships with trade subcontractors.

“Subcontractors play a huge role. Working with clients in the commercial retail industry, with a focus on clients in commercial food build, time is of the essence, and projects have deadlines and time restraints,” Stevenson said. “We also generally work after hours for all the new construction so as not to disturb the sales and stores. Subcontractors are a big part of that team as far as coordinating our work and their work together, and working around the operations of the business we’re working with.”

These project partnerships between Ryson Interior Construction and a variety of subcontractors ensure that a common goal is achieved – all projects exceed client expectations.

Building green

Additionally, a recent industry trend in the construction world has seen more clients calling for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and environmentally conscious projects and designs. Accordingly, Ryson Interior Construction actively participates in several LEED certification seminars every year.

Projects including LEED certification are becoming more and more popular every year. LEED is in demand for renovations and new builds. Recently, a project with the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission saw Ryson Interior Construction complete a brand new liquor store that is LEED certified, entirely from the base building, to the shelving, to the interior. In 2009, the company completed a similar nursing home project that was 100 per cent LEED.

“More and more you are seeing people looking toward environmentally friendly construction,” Stevenson summarized.

The construction industry was one of the most damaged by the recent economic slide. Fortunately, with Ryson Interior Construction focused more on commercial renovations rather than residential constructions, it limited the amount of financial hurt sustained by the company.

“The recession definitely hit home with everybody in the construction industry, feeling it one way or another,” Stevenson said. “There are small pockets where the residential boom continued to go forward in a positive way, but for us being in the commercial industry the local retailers and national grocers basically stepped it up and spruced up their existing stores to get a new, fresh look for the customers.”

Stevenson also believes that many Atlantic retailers are readying for the coming expansion of big-name retail Target, arriving in Canada in March 2013. Target represents further competition in the Canadian retail market and as such many are bracing for the coming expansion.

Moving forward, the goal for Ryson Interior Construction is to continue building one step at a time, honing its skills every step of the way.

“We take great pride in our ability to provide needs of our clients. We want repetitive clients and we want clients to come back to us when they have more work because they know that we do a good job,” Stevenson concluded. “We take that extra step and initiative to ensure that [client] requirements are met. We also strive to make ourselves more efficient and, at the end of the day, the client gets a better product.”

Ryson Interior Construction has doubled its volume and its sales since 2004. Looking toward the future, the company wants to continue being accessible in the construction industry. “People know who we are and we get more calls every year. With the projects we bid on, the volume goes up and therefore our sales go up. We have been successful on projects that we target and go after.”