Safety in the Mining Industry: iMotion Security Creates a Consortium of Important Technological Factors

MONTREAL, Feb. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A death threat that is ever-present
Last January, Victor, a 30-year-old worker, was found drowned in a tunnel and his colleague was seriously injured. The mine was completely shut down to determine the cause of this fatal accident. Mining companies face many complex challenges, several hours of downtime represents thousands of dollars in losses and deficits, however, ensuring the safety of their employees remains their top priority.Hundreds of accidents are reported in Canadian mines, unfortunately too often these accidents are fatal. It is a risky environment, workers have to deal with several kilometers of dark underground tunnels, heavy machinery, potential gas explosions and dynamite explosions, plus risks of drowning and rockslides. Every precaution is taken, but sadly this is not enough. The challenges in this industry are numerous: maximizing productivity, ensuring business continuity and risk management, improving the health and safety of employees, visitors and contractors, and optimizing overall security.A combination of technologies for productivity and safety.Today, there are solutions to minimize risks and ensure the productivity of mines. Gallagher is the world leader in innovation, manufacturing and marketing of safety solutions has secured more than 500 mines worldwide. Their safety and risk management solutions are based on the integration of a unified platform using Command Centre.The command Centre provides technology to manage and monitor all aspects of security. One of the most important features of the mining industry is traceability! Combining RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags and readers, Gallagher is able to provide a highly reliable and robust system. These tags placed in the headsets making it easy to identify the precise location of miners in underground tunnels. Several solutions exist to ensure the traceability of employees, thus increasing their safety in case of danger.The platform also monitors all alarms on-site (intrusion, fire, etc…) For example, if a significant change in temperature levels is detected by the system in a specific zone, it is treated as an alarm. This gives vital assurance to managers that all operations are secure.Furthermore, utilizing SecurOS video analytics from ISS, in combination with video surveillance cameras, can detect employees not wearing protective helmets in the required areas. The analysis software observes, records and transmits alarm messages to the persons in charge and informs them if an employee violates the security policy.Such innovations enable organizations to achieve major cost and time savings, improve data integrity and maximize occupational health and safety conditions. To learn more and discover all the opportunities this consortium offers, visit booth 7315N from March 1st to the 4th 2020 at the First World Minerals and Mining Convention (PDAC) in Toronto!About iMotion Security:A leader in the field of technology of security, iMotion has just celebrated its 20th anniversary. iMotion Security offers a full range of security products and services, including a variety of cameras, video management solutions, biometrics and access control systems, and much more. With its experience and strategic partners, this company has been able to forge links with its many clients. iMotion and its team of experts can help you to achieve your projects. Submit us your challenges by filling out this form.  For more information, visit and follow iMotion on its networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.For more information, please contact Imen Ouzbidour at [email protected] | 514 337 0008.
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