scil Vet Novations

Looking Beyond the Sale

scil Vet Novations provides an unparalleled level of customer service to the veterinary medical equipment market. Backed by years of market knowledge and leading edge technology, the company works to provide the veterinary industry with the best possible tools.

Vet Novations was started in 2003 by the Company President Larry Cochrane and Dr. Katharina Seitz-Cochrane in partnership with scil Animal Care Company.

Cochrane brought experience in the sale of medical equipment and education in business and accounting. His wife Seitz-Cochrane, originally from scil Animal Care in Germany, has a degree in agricultural engineering and a PhD in animal science from Germany. Since moving to Ontario from Nova Scotia and starting the business from their house just outside Barrie, Ont., the company launched its product line focusing on the sale of blood analyzing technology for veternarians. Since then, Vet Novations has tripled the size of the company, with an expanded product range, and it expects the company to double again in 2013.

The company, now called ‘scil Vet Novations’, has grown to a skilled team, managing the sales, marketing, operations, education and technical support, as well as the national sales force covering the market across Canada.

Cochrane says that Ontario has the biggest market, and it has allowed scil Vet Novations to operate the business nationally from a central point. Also, Ontario has allowed scil Vet Novations to provide services for horses as well as small animals.


The veterinary equipment market has shown massive growth in the past 10 years, says Cochrane; in no small part due to the large increase in pet ownership, and the amount of money that pet owners are willing to spend. “Veterinary services are reaching the point where they offer many of the services available at hospitals for humans. This includes blood analysis with the machines that scil Vet Novations made its name selling as well as imaging, orthopedic therapy, and more. We are even seeing MRIs and CT scanners now,” says Cochrane.

The company has used this rapid market development to expand its product line beyond the blood analysis machines that began the business. scil Vet Novations have now expanded its product offering to include ultrasound, digital x-ray, dental radiology, therapeutic laser, and orthopedics implants and tools.


scil Vet Novations does more than just sell equipment. It also believes strongly in the importance of continued education for veterinarians. One way the company helps support its customers is by offering seminars and classes. “We are very big into education and that is what I believe has really separated scil Vet Novations apart. We don’t just sell to vets; we support, educate, and train them,” says Cochrane. In Canada, vets are required to take a certain number of continued education classes each year to maintain their certification. scil Vet Novations has taken on the responsibility to help the vets do this. “We probably host more continuing education classes than any company in Canada for veterinarians,” says Cochrane.

scil Vet Novations training focuses on using new techniques, technologies, tools and implants in regards to orthopedic surgery, digital dental radiology, and ultrasound as a valuable diagnostic tool in the veterinary practice. Cochrane feels that this part of the business is just as important as the sales side. “We work with the image leaders and academics in each technological field to deliver high quality education and information to our clients. Our goal is to be a partner to the vets, help them practice better medicine, and support and service them every way we can.”


scil Vet Novations is constantly looking for new ways to better serve its customers. Whether this involves hosting courses or offering a new technology, the company is dedicated to constant improvement and strives to stay ahead of the competition by providing an excellent experience for each customer. scil Vet Novations prides itself on its technical support and skilled customer service. Clinics are supported up to 24/7 with specialists in each modality ready to help veterinarians solve their technical issues quickly and efficiently.

It is this dedication to service that led Cochrane to create a partnership between Vet Novations and scil Animal Care Company. In 2009, scil Vet Novations became a full-fledged subsidiary of the scil Animal Care Company, allowing the company to accelerate growth and take advantage of the international network the scil family offers. Along with this, scil Vet Novations has a greater ability to learn more about emerging technologies and products in other countries. scil Vet Novations operates as a Canadian division of scil Animal Care Company and leverages its international partner offices to draw inspiration from many different countries and offer new products to each market.


Despite the rapid growth over the past 10 years, the veterinary equipment market comes with challenges just like any other industry. Economic environment, market activity, and competition always pose new challenges. scil Vet Novations always seeks new and innovative solutions to the challenges presented in the market.

Cochrane admits that the largest challenge lies with staying competitive. “When you are in a fast-paced, changing environment, the challenge is to stay one step ahead of your competitor. The other difficulty with this is that when you are the first to market with a new product it is difficult to offer it at a competitive price.”

scil Vet Novations offers more than just equipment sales, offer a trustworthy partner to veterinary professionals. By providing leading-edge technology, skilled support, seminars, and classes, the company is able to support clients beyond the sales transaction. scil Vet Novations has used hardwork and market knowledge to drive consistent success.