Sealed Air

Preserving and protecting products

Sealed Air is a global leader in the manufacturing of materials, equipment and systems for the protection, preservation, presentation and packaging for the industrial, food and consumer markets. Considered to be on the forefront of technology and innovation, Sealed Air has a long tradition of pioneering new and improved ways in which to transport and store food products.

In February 2010, Sealed Air corporation celebrated its 50th anniversary. The company who brought us Bubble Wrap is in 51 countries with 16,000 employees. Especially in the past decade, the company focused on investment and growth on bringing energy efficient and environmentally conscious solutions to tremendous results. Last year alone saw sales in developing regions constitute 17 per cent of total sales.

In Canada, Sealed Air’s presence in the food market is growing rapidly with a core business of flexible barrier shrink packaging, primarily for proteins, like smoked and processed meats, red meat, pork, poultry, dairy and cheese.

“Our packaging maintains freshness and shelf life through the distribution of those products,” says Frank Fisico, Marketing and Product Manager at Sealed Air. Recognized by its peers, Sealed Air products were individually recognized at the DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation for sustainability and cost/waste reductions.

In terms of research and development, Sealed Air reinvests more of its profit than the competition. The thrust of the R&D is to bring innovative products in terms of consumer convenience. One example is sure to resonate: Sealed Air is finding a balance between packaging being protective but ultimately openable. Who hasn’t thrown their hands up in frustration at certain plastic packages that take the Jaws of Life to open? Sealed Air has taken care of that with a line of resealable packaging that does not require secondary packaging for products such as sliced meats and cheese.

“This has given us a tremendous platform for sustainability that allows the end-user to use less packaging at home and don’t have to transfer products,” says Fisico. “We are also looking at making our products thinner but as abuse resistant as always. Our processes constantly strive to use renewable packaging where we can and we are spending a great deal of our resources on sustainability.”

Sealed Air Cryovac products work along the principles of vacuum packing, which protects food from aerobic bacteria or fungi and the evaporation of volatile components. Through innovation such as vacuum pack and barrier shrink bag, Sealed Air manufactures products that are case ready at the avatar and ready for the consumer to purchase at retail.

This shift toward centrally prepared meat and shelf life goes hand-in-hand with food safety. Sealed Air work with in-house inspectors to ensure its products conform to stringent established guidelines for food safety. “Our products and systems go hand-in-hand with extended shelf life and food safety. It is our highest priority,” says Fisico.

Sealed Air’s Cryovac food solutions’ customer base is food manufacturers that sell to the retail. The company holds the large majority in market share in certain sectors, certainly in the barrier shrink bag. “We pride ourselves on being leaders, especially in innovation,” says Fisico.

Indeed, Sealed Air has a heritage of bringing innovated value-added products to the market, now also in systems solutions. Through an “excellent sales force and structure”, the company offers equipment systems that run packaging material that comes with no-charge technical support. “That distinguishes us. We service our customers’ equipment with no charge.”

We asked Fisico what he believes brings customers to Sealed Air time and time again, answering that it is the company’s  global footprint. “We have the most experience providing solutions to our customer base through innovative solutions. Whether it is packaging, shelf life or distribution, we have the resources to offer the best solutions and services. Our customers trust us and depend on us for that soft cost service that comes with years of expertise.”

Fifty years have passed, but Sealed Air is as close to their founding principles as ever. The next few years will see an expanded customer base and product offering from Sealed Air. The company is branching out in to “adjacent markets” which stand to benefit from the 20-plus years of development and invention that the company has amassed. Sealed Air will be providing its trademark service and existing model to preserve and protect markets such as dried nuts, pet foods, seed, fertilizer, etc. Expansion, research, development and innovation continue to be a hallmark of the Sealed Air brand and will continue to be in whichever market they serve.