Security Flaw in Windows 10

Windows 10 - Microsoft

CBJ — The U.S. National Security Agency announced a major flaw in Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system that could allow hackers to gain access to people’s personal information.

As a result of the find by the NSA, Microsoft has released a free software patch.

Microsoft credited the NSA for discovering the security breach. The company said it has not seen any evidence that hackers have used the technique discovered by the NSA.

If exploited, an attacker could send a fake code-signing certificate so it looked as if a file came from a trusted, legitimate source.

Meanwhile, one of Microsoft’s older operating systems is being left technically unsupported.

Microsoft has ceased providing security updates for Windows 7, meaning computers using it will be more vulnerable to malware and hacking. Users who feel that such a scenario is too much of a risk will need to upgrade to Windows 10.


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