September 14

In speaking with Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada, it’s hard not to come away impressed by the sheer breadth of knowledge she possesses about the political landscape of our country. To be sure, we all have our different political stripes and individuals and parties we support, but when a person displays so much intelligent practicality on issues ranging from the economy to foreign policy and democratic reform, it should be acknowledged. Preserving democracy in its intended form is something she pushes aggressively for at all times. Truthfully, I believe the biggest obstacle facing future growth for the party could be in the name itself. Green is still considered by many to be closely intertwined with the environment. While it’s true that remains a key point of the party’s ideals, there is much more to the national platform than first meets the eye – or a name – as the case may be.

When Tim Leiweke joined MLSE as President & CEO it was apparent the gig wouldn’t be the final chapter in his accomplished career. But few imagined he’d be exiting just two years into his five-year contract. The 57-year-old has taken the high road in stating he wants to transition from business executive to entrepreneur. While that may hold a shred of truth, the main reason he’s leaving is due to the MLSE boardroom, where he likely got fed up playing peacemaker between board members from BCE and Rogers. There’s also been speculation of a feud with at least one outspoken board member and he finally had enough of the meddling. It’s too bad, because he was definitely on the right track. His departure will be a big loss for MLSE.

As a kid growing up I remember my father telling me that truck driving was a noble profession, deserving of people’s respect. Such driving professionals were often regarded as being at the leading edge in terms of automotive skills and courteous manners on the roadways.

So what happened?

Since those naïve days of youth, I’ve either witnessed first-hand or been informed through the media about countless head-shaking highway incidents involving trucks. It’s not difficult to argue some of today’s truck drivers are amongst the absolute worst in terms of sensibility when it comes to obeying the rules of the road and the safety consideration of others. It’s also absolutely true there are horrendous drivers behind the wheel of all types of vehicles, but the potential for catastrophic disaster when a truck is involved in an accident is exacerbated all that much more. Some truckers are run ragged due to unrealistic delivery expectations, meaning they drive well beyond their daily allowable legal quotas to the point of exhaustion in order to remain profitable. Isn’t it time this entire industry had a regulations and enforcement overhaul? Did you know… outgoing MLSE boss Tim Leiweke’s son-in-law is Troy Bodie, a current member of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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