September 2017 Issue of The Canadian Business Journal Now Available

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO – The September issue of The Canadian Business Journal is available at Click here to enter the publication directly. Click “Full Screen” on the navigation pane for optimal viewing.

This month’s cover story takes a look at bricks and mortar retail and how it’s faring with the advent of the digital online shopping era. While there have been several large national and international retailers that have failed, we find that those failures actually had very little to do with the advent of online option.

Hendrik Brakel, Senior Director, Economic, Financial & Tax Policy at The Canadian Chamber of Commerce provides a column on the federal government’s proposed radical tax overhaul via Finance Canada. It’s definitely something you’ll want to read.

Mergers and acquisitions expert Mark Borkowski offers up his advice on the need for conducting reference checks on a potential employee during the hiring process while columnist Kevin Huhn provides an education lesson on the difference between scaling and growing. HP Canada President and CEO Mary Ann Yule explains how digitization and 3D printing is reshaping the manufacturing industry.

George A. Santino has excellent advice on what do when dealing with an underperforming employee. Ennio Vita-Finzi is an experienced trade representative who looks at the international challenges faced by consultants.

In our Business in Action Section we have a number of comprehensive corporate profiles including: VersaBank, an acknowledged leader and financial disruptor in the burgeoning FinTech sector; Merrick Architecture; Diamond Head Development; NexGen Energy; Gowest Gold; and Bioenterprise, a company helping Canada’s agri-tech innovators succeed. There is all of that and much more in this edition.

(Marketwired – Aug. 29, 2017)