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Trust, Without Compromise

Those living in the Greater Toronto Area know Avante Mazda’s signature tagline “I want a Mazda – Avante Mazda!” We’ve all sung along to the catchy slogan on our drives to work, or smiled at the bright advertisement on the back page of the local paper. But what is it that’s made this prominent Ontario dealership so unique?

According to Frank Serpa, dealer principal of the Serpa Automotive Group and owner of Avante Mazda, the key to success lies in his team’s commitment to integrity. Avanta Mazda employs a Full Disclosure Policy in every transaction – no surprise fees, no unexpected add-ons.

Serpa currently owns and operates Avante Mazda, located in Richmond Hill; and Serpa BMW, located in Newmarket. Serpa’s team operates under three core principles:

“Respect, Trust, Enjoy.” Each mirrors the tone Serpa expects in each customer dealing. His approach demands each customer at any of his dealerships is treated with the utmost respect, receives trusted advice, and enjoys their visit.

Customers at Avante Mazda and Serpa BMW receive the ‘Real Deal’ when it comes to service. The dealership’s sales professionals look to make the auto shopping experience comfortable for everyone. Visitors are guided throughout the purchasing process from the moment they walk in to door till their new car sits in their driveway. The dealerships’ comfortable atmosphere allows each to shop at their own pace with full confidence in the knowledge and abilities of the Serpa Automotive Group team.

Celebrating 18 Years of Success

Integrity is key – but even the most honest salesman cannot speak truth without first understanding his product. This core value shines through in each interaction with Serpa, and subsequently resonates with the Avante Mazda and Serpa BMW staff.

“I really feel that if you do things right, the money will come. If you do things just for money, than you don’t have a passion. That’s when you know you’re in the wrong business,” says Serpa.

Frank Serpa was born into a traditional Italian family. He grew up in the old College Street Italian neighborhood in Toronto, Ontario. Here, he learned the importance of honest work. He learned never to give up on his dreams, and that through committing to his goals, he would reach success.

Serpa began his automotive career as a car cleaner at a Honda dealership in the early 1978. By 1984, he had become a fully certified technician. Yet Frank always was a people person. On April 01, 1986, he transferred into the sales department. Here, Serpa thrived through offering customers the best possible service. In a few short years, Honda awarded Serpa the title of Sales Master.

In 1995, Serpa decided to take the next major step in his career. He opened Avante Mazda in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Serpa’s customer-oriented approach resonated throughout the GTA, resulting in tremendous growth.

“We were so focused on the customer experience,” Serpa told Canadian Auto Dealer in an April 2014 interview. “People just kept coming!”
Serpa’s dedication to creating positive customer experiences resulted in Avante Mazda’s huge popularity across Ontario. As the dealership’s reputation as a trustworthy automotive retailer grew, larger corporations noticed Serpa’s success. One such organization was BMW.

Expanding the Brand

In 2012, Serpa was given a phenomenal opportunity. Fellow dealer Michael Croxon presented Serpa with the chance to purchase Open Road BMW – which carries both BMW automobiles and Motorrads – in Newmarket. Serpa realized the potential for further success with the BMW brand. Representing the first change in ownership for a BMW dealership in over a decade, Serpa bought the facility.

He renamed the dealership ‘Serpa BMW,’ strengthening the connection between his two represented auto brands. He also established the Serpa Automotive Group as a way of unifying his team and establishing his image within the community.

“I am truly enjoying the BMW world,” comments Serpa, “I plan to spend the next 25 years selling and servicing BMW autos and motorcycles.”

Serpa BMW has undergone substantial additions over the past 18 months. The dealership has become well known as having one of the best sales, service, and parts team in the industry. Those who visit for repair or service can now receive a BMW loaner to continue their daily tasks. Serpa has also launched a transportation van program, picking-up and dropping-off serviced or new vehicles to the most convenient location for the customer.

Planning for the Future

In recent years, Frank Serpa has taken on a more personal task. As his sons, Stefano and Adriano, grow older and more interested in the automotive industry, Serpa is beginning to train them to take on his business. He, along with his wife and dedicated supporter Rosanna, believe their brands will someday expand under the direction of their children.

“It is our intention to keep this fantastic brand, respected the world over, in our family forever,” Serpa comments, “Knowing my family will be with Mazda and BMW for the long term is a great feeling.”

As the Serpa Automotive Group continues to expand its reputation as an honest auto retailer, it will continue to grow. Serpa expects to add other notable brands to his offering at some point in the future. 

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