Shaw Business Launches Enterprise-Grade Video Surveillance Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

CALGARY, ALBERTA–(Marketwired – Dec. 11, 2017) - Shaw Communications Inc. (TSX:SJR.B)(TSX:SJR.PR.A)(TSX:SJR.PR.B)(NYSE:SJR)(TSX VENTURE:SJR.A) today announced the launch of SmartSurveillance, an enterprise-grade managed video surveillance solution designed to help owners monitor and protect their businesses while providing valuable analytical insights.

“Until now, the market has been dominated by off-the-shelf surveillance systems and expensive corporate offerings, with no high-quality solutions designed to meet the needs and budgets of small and medium-sized businesses. SmartSurveillance changes that,” said Ron McKenzie, senior vice president and chief operating officer, Shaw Communications. “Powered by Cisco Meraki’s industry-leading surveillance technology, SmartSurveillance gives owners peace of mind by keeping them connected to their business wherever they are at an affordable price.”

While many owners are increasingly taking steps to protect themselves against the rise of cyber crime, physical attacks like shoplifting and vandalism continue to be one of the most prevalent threats to their business. In 2016, over one third of businesses reported being victimized by economic crime, with theft and vandalism accounting for over half of the incidents reported.i

Traditional surveillance products are designed to provide owners with a way to track and record their businesses throughout the day and night. SmartSurveillance takes this basic product function several steps further by providing advanced features and applications that have only been available to large businesses.

SmartSurveillance features include:

  • Motion search analytics: Select an area of interest to see all motion in that place without spending hours searching through footage.
  • Heat mapping analytics: View a weeks’ worth of motion data at a time to gain insights into customer behaviour.
  • Integration into “Smart” dashboard: Manage SmartWiFi, SmartSecurity and SmartSurveillance from one easy-to-use platform.
  • Video wall: Group multiple video streams into one view and watch from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Cloud Management: Save on Internet bandwidth and continue to capture footage even during an Internet outage.
  • Encryption: Encryption on all local and remote video streams to keep data secure.
  • Vandal Resistance: Outdoor cameras are protected against 20 joules of impact.
  • Weather Ready: Outdoor cameras are designed to withstand severe weather conditions.

“Shaw already offers one of the most compelling cloud-managed SMB solutions in North America, and adding video security to their dashboard of Cisco Meraki services makes that offering even more robust,” said Todd Nightingale, senior vice president and general manager, Cisco Meraki. “Our technology is built on the concept of simplicity. With our line of cloud-managed security cameras, we’re making it easier for Canadian SMBs to monitor and address security issues, protecting their assets, employees and customers.”

Shaw Business is the first service provider in Canada to leverage Cisco Meraki’s cutting-edge surveillance technology. SmartSurveillance can be bundled with SmartWiFi and SmartSecurity – Shaw Business’ managed WiFi and network security solutions – which can all be easily maintained through one integrated dashboard.

Professionally installed and managed by Shaw Business, SmartSurveillance is available when paired with a compatible SmartWiFi or Business Internet offering on a three or five-year contract.

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i PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. “Global Economic Crime Survey 2016.”
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