SHOEBOX® PureTest: Helps Enable Compliant Hearing Testing Programs Across a Single Device or Fleet of Devices

OTTAWA, Jan. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, SHOEBOX Ltd. announced the launch of SHOEBOX PureTest a turnkey solution to help ensure that occupational hearing testing is conducted in a consistent and compliant manner across an entire organization.
Like other audiometers from the company, SHOEBOX PureTest conforms to the requirements of a Type 4 (screening/monitoring) audiometer as per ANSI s3.6-2018 — Specifications for Audiometers. It offers both automated and assisted testing modes and is optimized for testing outside of a sound booth or mobile clinic.SHOEBOX PureTest enables the pre-configuration of test settings via a web-based portal. Once settings have been established, they are locked in place and pushed out to all testing devices used in your program. This centralized control helps ensure that all local test examiners follow the guidelines and protocols established by your organization to meet your OSHA testing requirements. It will even block the test examiner from proceeding with a test if an attempt is made to skip a pre-defined step.“After working with hundreds of companies on their hearing testing programs or services, we realized that Health and Safety professionals wanted a way to ensure program compliance and centralized program control. SHOEBOX PureTest is our newest automated audiometer, and with it, we’ve added the ability for program managers to pre-configure the systems, design a testing workflow, and then lock down these settings,” explained SHOEBOX Ltd. CEO, Mitch Robinson. “This helps to ensure that testing is conducted in a consistent and compliant manner across an entire organization, either with a single device or fleet of testing devices.”SHOEBOX PureTest Will Allow Your Organization To:Manage your fleet of testing devices from one central web portalAutomated Testing for ease of use and to help ensure complianceEnsure protocols are followed by using pre-set workflows for industrial testingEnforce compliance checks prior to testingTest in more locations with fully offline shift analysisEnhance data privacy by limiting data stored on the iPad testing deviceSHOEBOX PureTest is listed as a Class II medical device with the FDA. It will be available for Occupational Hearing Testing customers in the U.S. on January 12, 2021. For more information, please visit: SHOEBOX: For nearly half a decade, SHOEBOX has been leading the evolution of hearing testing solutions for Occupational Hearing Conservation. We were the first to put an easy-to-use automated hearing test on an iPad, optimized for testing outside of a sound booth. We’ve helped 1000s of customers and some of the most recognizable brands globally. Employers and Health and Safety Professionals rely on SHOEBOX Audiometry to help them optimize their Hearing Conservation Programs.Gina Stefanelli – VP Marketing
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