Sinto Lubricants


Since 1991, Sinto Lubricants has been an industry leader in providing specialized, high quality, and an affordable range of lubricants that improve automotive, heavy equipment, and industrial applications performance and productivity, while also minimize potential downtime and the need for equipment repair or replacement.

Producing and distributing lubricants from its headquarters in Saint-Georges, Que., Sinto Lubricants offers superior product lineups to customers across the industrial and commercial sectors, as well as independent buyers. Primarily focused on customers throughout Quebec, New Brunswick, and Northern Ontario, the company has seen significant growth through its time in the industry, with more growth and expansion expected along the road ahead, in both Canada and the United States.

“We aim to improve our clients’ performance and we do that with more advanced lubrication solutions and the support of our lubrication experts,” Samuel Champagne, President of Sinto Lubricants, told The Canadian Business Journal. “We develop new and advanced lubrication solutions with our chemists and engineers, and we also work in partnership with some international laboratories.”

Sinto Lubricants continues to develop leading-edge lubricants, including its new thermal oil formula which guarantees to last 16,000km, more than double a typical, over the counter solution. As the only product of its kind on the marketplace, this formula uses better quality components as well as anti-friction technology to offer better protection and performance, and to prolong its usage period.

“With this formula, we exceeded every performance criteria that was on the market with thermal oil,” Champagne explained. “We are already hearing from car enthusiasts every day that they see the difference with this oil. We are always trying to do things better.”

Lubrication Experts

Led by its team of lubrication experts, Sinto Lubricants is committed to exceptional customer service, and passes on its knowledge to its customer base, recommending the best products to improve performance across various equipment types.

Sinto Lubricants encourages its customers to use the higher quality lubricants that it provides to the marketplace, as these products often result in reduced downtime for equipment and less wear and tear on the equipment. And while higher quality lubricants often come with a higher price tag, it is an affordable long-term option that saves on repairing or replacing equipment.

“For some customers, they think that the products they are using are doing a great job, but they haven’t tried any different quality of lubricants,” Champagne detailed. “Repair and replacement is always more expensive than regular maintenance. Our lubrication experts visit our clients regularly to ensure that they get the best efficiency out of their equipment. We provide our customers with lower operational and maintenance costs.”

Part of the challenge for Sinto Lubricants is keeping pace with the growth of its client base. From its research and development department, Sinto Lubricants works in partnership with its engineers as well as international laboratories to meet this demand, by creating new and innovative lubrication solutions for its primary market segments, including the automotive industry, recreational, aviation equipment, industrial equipment, and food processing.

“We always want to reinvent lubrication solutions, so when we look at possible products, we think about how it is done today and the best way to improve,” Champagne concluded. “We will continue to develop new and advanced lubrication solutions. We want to put new products on the market. We are also working to provide more lubrication expert services for advanced lubrication solutions across Canada and the United States. In the next five years, we are looking to reach 100 lubrication experts, and we are currently recruiting new lubrication experts at a fast rate, so we will be able to reach our goal.”