SiQ Mountain Industries Inc. Announces SiQRocker™ Readied for Sales and Distribution

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Feb. 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SiQ Mountain Industries Inc. (TSXV: SIQ) (the “Company” or “SiQ”) is pleased to report that the Company has completed the commercial design, engineering, production resources, including tooling, and packaging design for the Company’s new proprietary adjustable camber device for snowboards known as the SiQRocker™.

The SiQRocker™ is the Company’s first market ready product that provides a convenient way to adjust the camber profile of a snowboard for optimal performance on either powder or hard-packed snow. A snowboarder will now be able to quickly and easily adjust their snowboard profile with the turn of a dial and without exiting their bindings. The SiQRocker™ is believed to provide a unique on-mountain advantage to users of snowboards and a PCT patent application has been filed.

The Company is in the final stages of preparing for full product introduction and has received 20 pre-production samples for testing and final design approvals. The on-mountain performance and quality of these units are currently being verified. The first production run of a minimum of 1,000 units will be in the near future. These initial production units will lead to internal cash flows from online, direct-to-consumer sales. Retail distribution will be implemented later this year.

Peter Hughes, CEO of the Company, comments, “The Company has implemented its business and product development model to the point of launching the SiQRocker™ and driving initial consumer sales. Our SiQRocker™ has the potential to dramatically improve the performance of up to 30 million snowboards in our worldwide market. This is a key milestone in our ambition to develop proprietary new products that service the outdoor athletic adventure marketplace. This forms the core of a viable business model on which to grow financially with the potential of above average rates of returns for our stakeholders.”

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

Peter Hughes, CEO and President

About SiQ Mountain Industries Inc.

The Company is an early-stage development organization focused on the creation and distribution of a unique brand of products for outdoor athletic entertainment in domestic and international markets.

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