Skyline Group of Companies Announces New Fundserv Codes with Remarkable Growth in Year One

Guelph, Ontario, Canada, Feb. 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Since launching Class F series investments for its Funds in January 2023, Skyline Group of Companies (Skyline) has experienced a significant uptick within this new series. Skyline has raised a noteworthy $167 MM in equity and successfully secured the necessary approvals to onboard a prominent Big Five bank, along with many large independent dealers across Canada.

Skyline’s strategic expansion within the financial landscape continues well into 2024. Skyline is pleased to announce that as of February 1, 2024, its four private alternative Funds have new Fundserv codes.

The updated Fundserv codes for Skyline’s Funds are listed below:

Fund Name (Class F) Fundserv Code
Skyline Apartment REIT SKY2006
Skyline Industrial REIT SKY2012
Skyline Retail REIT SKY2013
Skyline Clean Energy Fund   SKY2018

About Skyline’s Private Alternative Investments

Incorporated in 1999, Skyline is made up of entities specializing in asset acquisitions, management, development, and investment. These entities span the apartment, industrial, and retail real estate industries, as well as the clean energy industry.

Skyline’s Funds are private alternative investments with a proven track record of consistent performance that may help to hedge against systematic and unsystematic risk. These investments have historically offered lower relative volatility from the public markets with a strategic focus on Canadian private alternative investments.


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