Smart Serve Ontario Announces Updates to the Training Program to Help Make it Simpler and Easier

Get ready to learn where, when, and how you want“Refresh” your training and reduce the riskWHITBY, Ontario, Oct. 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, at Durham College’s W. Galen Weston Centre for Food, Smart Serve Ontario announced that an update was released on July 18, 2019 to the Smart Serve training and certification program.“The release will make online training and testing simpler and easier for everyone looking to become certified and work, where alcohol is sold or served, in the province of Ontario,” said Mary D’Alton, Smart Serve Ontario, Board Chair. “Modern micro e-learning techniques, six different languages, gamification, mini quizzes, and new role-playing games, are just a few of the enhancements to help make the training program more accessible and convenient for all.”A big part of the redesign was changing the online test proctoring solution to an artificial intelligence (A.I.) system that uses biometrics to validate and monitor participants during the final test.“Durham College is very pleased to be part of the launch of Smart Serve’s new approach to delivery of its certification. This new online-based approach, rich in learning resources and activities, will better support our Culinary and Hospitality students as they pursue this important certification that will be expected of them as they graduate and progress through their careers,” said Dr. Elaine Popp, Vice-President, Durham College.Smart Serve continues to invest in research and development of meaningful and relevant educational and training updates.“I am delighted that Smart Serve continues to play a leadership role as we move forward with the modernization of Ontario’s alcohol sector. While the government continues to expand opportunities for choice for consumers and businesses, our first priority remains the safe and responsible sale and service of alcohol beverages,” said Rod Phillips, Minister of Finance.Learn More About the Updates:
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