SoLo GI Nutrition

“A Different Way of Thinking about Food”

Are you ready to be part of a healthier slow-carb revolution?

Leading the charge is an innovative company from Vancouver called SoLo GI Nutrition, which is gaining widespread notoriety for its efforts to promote a healthy consumer shift towards better eating and exercise habits, enhanced by nutrient content.

Saul Katz, Founder and CEO of SoLo GI Nutrition is on a mission to educate the public about the benefits of blood sugar management through food and exercise.  As a food industry visionary, he is promoting a consumer shift to consider the blood sugar impact as well as the nutritional content, when selecting a food or beverage.

“After 30 years in functional food research and development, I have come to the conclusion that a simple, yet fundamental shift is needed to help address “Diabesity” and the energy shortfall,” says Katz. “As an industry, we need to develop food products to help consumers keep their blood sugar and insulin levels in check.”

At the forefront of the blood sugar management movement, SoLo’s low glycemic product formulations are bring disruptive by design to the snacks and energy bars that are contributing to the interlinked epidemics of obesity, diabetes and the human energy deficit.

High in protein, fiber and slow-release carbs, SoLo GI® Bar is the ideal snack to bridge the between-meal-gap, providing nutrients, promoting satiety and sustaining energy without the physiological spike, crash and crave.

Because blood sugar management is key to weight management, sustaining energy and living vitally, since its introduction, the low glycemic and gluten-free line of SoLo GI® Energy Bars has been embraced by consumers, health professionals, research scientists, sports teams and Olympians.

SoLo recently won silver for the 2014 Alive Consumer Choice Award – Best Fitness and Weight Management product in Canada.

“We’re proud of being recognized by consumers for developing a superior product,” says Katz. “It’s also quite an accomplishment being named finalist in the top product awards in Canada, out of the gate.”

SoLo was a finalist in the Retail Council of Canada, “Grand Prix Award” for Best Snack in Canada and the Rogers Media “Product of the Year Award” for the Best Energy and Nutrition Bar.

Twenty Years of Science Covered in Yogurt and Chocolate

SoLo GI® Energy Bars represent the platinum level of science in the food industry.  SoLo GI Nutrition was created by Katz’s drive from his passion and commitment to undo the damage being caused by the modern diet and lifestyle.

“At the age of 40 I was at the top of my professional career,” says Katz. “I had two law degrees and was General Counsel and Vice President of the Triple Five Group of companies, developers of West Edmonton Mall and Mall of America. I was deeply inspired to leave my life legacy and to help humanity.”

In 1993, Katz established a functional food research and development company to “raise the bar” in the food industry, developing foods to promote health, prevent disease and enhance performance.  His work was made possible through a joint venture with the University of Alberta Hospitals and Industrial Research Assistance Programgrants from the National Research Council of Canada.

In working with the country’s top health professionals and food scientists, Katz and his team understood that too many foods today contain processed carbohydrates that are rapidly digested and spike blood sugar and insulin levels prematurely.  This process can contribute to insulin resistance, obesity, type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease as well as poor productivity and energy.

Research has shown more than 60% of Canadians to be overweight or obese, and lifestyle diseases such as heart disease and cancer remain leading causes of death and disability. The Canadian Diabetes Association reports that 20 people per hour are newly diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes.  It is projected that one in three children will develop diabetes during their life time.

Armed with this knowledge and backed by scientific research, Katz was convinced that the pervasiveness of high glycemic carbs in the food supply was causing metabolic chaos and one of the solutions to addressing diabetes, obesity and the energy deficit was to introduce low glycemic product alternatives on grocery shelves.

“I approached the inventors of the Glycemic Index at the University of Toronto,” Katz says “to apply their low glycemic protocols in our development of a pioneering line of low glycemic energy and nutrition bars.”  SoLo GI® Energy Bars are the first line of clinically validated and certified low glycemic energy bars in Canada. In addition to being low GI (glycemic index of 23-35), SoLo is also certified gluten-free by the Canadian Celiac Association of Canada.

Move from Low-Carb to Slow-Carb

“Carbohydrates are arguably the most misunderstood nutrient of today.  It is important to remember that carbs are the essential and preferred fuel for your brain, central nervous system and muscles.  All carbs, including starches and sugar, are converted to glucose, which is blood sugar.  It is the rate at which your body converts carbs into glucose that matters,” says Katz.

“The lower and slower your body raises blood sugar and insulin levels, the better for managing your weight, sustaining your energy and preventing disease.The solution is not to eliminate carbs, but rather to manage them.”

“When looking at a nutritional label, consumers should equally consider what the potential blood sugar impact is of that food,” adds Katz.  Many convenient snack foods such as granola bars and most energy bars are loaded with rapidly digested, high glycemic carbs. Other low-carb options are formulated with non-caloric alternative sweeteners such as aspartame and sugar alcohols, which don’t appeal to many health conscious consumers and don’t supply carb energy for today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Validation, Recognition and Future Plans

SoLo GI® Nutrition has been embraced by health professionals and the scientific community.  SoLo is the only bar recommended by McGill’s Comprehensive Health Improvement Program (CHIP) and was recently used by McGill with the Canadian military in a weight loss and fitness challenge with the results presented at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress in Vancouver October 26, 2014.

SoLo Bar has also been used in peer-reviewed, low GI published clinical studies by leading scientific institutions including: Harvard Medical School, Children’s Hospital in Boston, National Institutes of Health and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

It is alsoa top choice of energy that sustains for professional sports teams across North America (including the Blue Jays and Toronto Raptors), NCAA universities in the U.S., elite and Olympic athletes like Kelsey Serwa, Canadian Olympic medalist at Sochi.

The big food companies have not incorporated low GI into their product development process.  It takes innovative companies to raise the bar in the food industry.  SoLo appears poised for rapid growth and Katz is interested to source expansion capital to grow thelow glycemic food categorywith better-for-you low GI alternatives under the SoLo GIbrand, as a substitute to the problematic products on grocery shelves.

“It’s all about creating balance. Getting away from the addictive cycle of spike, crash and crave, and shifting towards grazing on low glycemic snacks to achieve steady blood sugar and energy levels throughout the day,” says Katz.

SoLo Bar is available across Canada through all channels including grocery, pharmacy, natural food, sports, convenience and food service.

If taste rules in the food industry then SoLo GI® Bar is king.  If the consumer can feel the benefit of the promise (sustained energy and satiety) without sacrificing taste such as with SoLo, they convert. “Whereas most energy bars don’t meet taste expectation, SoLo Bar exceeds consumer expectation with eight delicious flavours in its line up including: Chocolate Mandarin, Peanut Power, Pineapple Coconut and Apple Cinnamon with Quinoa, and other delectable delights.”

“How can something that tastes so good, be good for me too? That’s what I love to hear.”

Saul Katz, CEO of SoLo GI Nutrition

For more information please contact SoLo Gi Nutrition at 250-491-1720 or [email protected]