Soulless Solomon & The Daring Future of Solana NFT’s

Vancouver, Oct. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Anyone who’s spent any time within earshot of the technology, finance, or cryptocurrency industries lately – must’ve no doubt heard of NFT’s. More accurately known as, Non-Fungible Tokens. While the prime directive of NFT’s is quite high level, aiming to revolutionize the meaning of digital ownership – they’ve become exceedingly popular in artistic communities, who have taken to NFT’s as a way to create value, community and inject their artistic pursuits with an unprecedented amount of desirability with collectors and traders.

Soulless Solomon is proud to announce its arrival in this new wave, which has spawned an unprecedented self-sufficient economy of digital art that’s rapidly increasing in value.

Projects in recent memory, such as Ethereum’s CryptoPunks, have caught both mainstream and celebrity attention, drawing in collectors like finance giant Visa and mega-celebrities like Jay-Z and Logan Paul. The train doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, as nearly every day we hear from new corporations and celebrities jumping aboard the NFT mission, and supporting projects and artist’s donating their talent to this burgeoning scene.

While Ethereum has long been the home for NFT projects, a fierce competitor is rearing its head and rapidly approaching in Solana – a rival blockchain that supports much quicker transaction speeds with a fraction of the per-transaction consumer cost. It’s being touted as the future for NFT’s, with designers and blockchain developers flocking to the space in droves, and rushing to be the Solana’s version of CryptoPunks.

The Souls behind Soulless Solomon

The newest upcoming project on the scene, aiming to dominate the Solana NFT space comes from a collective of artists and veteran blockchain developers, operating under the project moniker of Soulless Solomon. The project will be generating 7,777 unique artworks, hand drawn by an in-house team of artists, and holding a project “minting” that will see thousands of potential customers rushing to try to attain an original piece in this limited run.

The team behind the project has weaved an eerie, biblical prose into each work of art, instilling the project’s story with sardonic commentary on internet culture and technology, reminiscent of modern artists like street-art sensation Banksy. They intend to market the project to a vast community of NFT traders, and carry through on a project roadmap which will see the creation of unique merchandise, and custom assets for owners and traders to outfit their digital profiles.

If you’re looking to get in on the NFT trend, and believe Solana could be the next big hub for this new wave of frenzied art-collecting – this seems like the perfect project to jump aboard. The best way to get involved in the project is to join their Discord community, and stay up to date with the launch window and promotional giveaways leading up to the artwork minting.

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