Spartan Fund Management Inc. Announces Risk Rating Change for MM Fund

TORONTO, May 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Spartan Fund Management Inc. (“Spartan”) today announced an update to the investment risk rating of MM Fund (the “Fund”). This change is reflected in the simplified prospectus and fund facts for the Fund that were filed on or about May 28, 2021.

Effective on or about May 28, 2021, the investment risk rating of the Fund changed from “Medium” to “Medium to High”. This change is in connection with the annual renewal of the Fund’s disclosure documents. There are no changes to the investment objectives or strategies of the Fund.

A copy of the standardized risk classification methodology used by Spartan to identify the investment risk level of the Fund is available on request, at no cost, by calling us at 416-601-3172 or by writing to Spartan at [email protected]

Spartan Fund Management Inc., established in 2006, is a Toronto-based asset manager that specializes in providing, through pooled funds, a broad selection of alternative investment solutions that meet a variety of investment needs. We believe that niche, non-conventional investment strategies tend to outperform more traditional strategies and/or add needed diversity.

We also believe that alternative investment strategies provide better risk-return opportunities for investors than do conventional strategies. Spartan accesses alternative investment strategies through internal investment teams or by way of selected sub-advisory arrangements with external registrants.  Spartan’s clients primarily consist of high net worth individuals and family offices who access Spartan’s funds directly or through registered advisors. Spartan currently manages in excess of $1 billion in client assets.

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Brent Channell
Managing Director, Spartan Fund Management Inc.
(416) 601-3172
[email protected]

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