Sprott Shaw College and Acsenda School of Management

“Learning With Purpose”

Since 1903, Sprott Shaw College has a long-standing reputation with an innovative way of thinking. When Robert James Sprott partnered with William Henry Shaw of Shaw Colleges in 1903, they opened the first Sprott Shaw School, called Vancouver Business Institute. Their development plan included four schools in Vancouver, one in Nanaimo and one in Victoria. Today, with 13 campus locations across British Columbia, they offer a world-class college in the local community that caters to over 4500 students each year. All locations feature small class sizes, qualified instructors, hands-on training.

Over the last century, the curriculum has expanded to include much more than office training, as students now train for careers in: healthcare, tourism, hospitality, business, administrative and international studies. Sprott Shaw has always maintained a sharp focus to provide relevant skills for meaningful jobs in high growth industries.

The Sprott Shaw Advantage

With a focus to offer the right curriculum based on the needs of the community, programs are designed around the student, with monthly start dates, flexible scheduling, and career placement assistance. The Sprott Shaw advantage is based not only on training excellence but also on graduates’ enviable record of securing successful jobs after training.

Flexible scheduling,  “no wait lists” and regular monthly start dates, allows students the chance to graduate and be job ready sooner. Students can choose from over 110 programs that provide relevant information and quality education in smaller class sizes. Each program yields the necessary skills for a student to reach their full potential and career goals.

“Sprott Shaw is based on vocational training” says Patrick Dang, President, “It’s based on a different mindset and type of student who wants to be able to train for something specific within their chosen field, in a specific period of time. We have a cosmopolitan population that is reflected in our educational setting with supports that work to meet every student’s needs.”

Students also gain valuable hands-on training through practicum placements that are included in specific fields to demonstrate the skills learned.  Enrollment is particularly high in healthcare, trades and business programs.  Having campuses located throughout the province, allows graduates the opportunity to attend any location should they change their jobs or relocate in the future.

Continued Success with Skills Upgrading

Dedicated employment services specialists are always ready to provide graduates full support for retraining and job placement assistance to improve their chances of employment.  As technology evolves, new techniques are created and new terminology is used. Sprott Shaw refresher courses are available for graduates to be relevant in the industry they are trained in should they require skills upgrading.

Acsenda School of Management- International Thinking. Individual Focus.

For students looking to specialize in business and leadership, The Acsenda School of Management offers a uniquely international focus. As an international management and leadership school, the campus is filled with bright minds from across the globe. Graduates benefit from more than just getting a business education—they get a broad, cross-cultural experience that prepares them for the reality of international business.

Acsenda has been offering a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (BBA) with multiple specialties since 2004. It was originally founded as Sprott Shaw Degree College and in 2013, the name was changed to Acsenda School of Management to better reflect the authenticity that the school operates with its own dedicated academic governance model designed to support a strong undergraduate academic culture.

“Acsenda School of Management is set up with a particular focus in international thinking” says Dang, “As a school of management,  we have the ability to take a diverse set of cultures and management styles to show students how to do business across the globe and deal with different cultures.”

All Acsenda degree programs are recognized in having been quality-approved by the Degree Quality Assessment Board (DQAB) of the Province of British Columbia. Through a unique combination of small class sizes, open access to instructors and the use of the latest technology, students develop a deeper level of critical thinking and business knowledge.

“The classes are much smaller with 20 to 40 students per class that allows for a personalized focus and enables a higher retention and completion rate at 96 percent.” Says Dang.

The instructors all represent a true cross-section of today’s connected business world and are selected for their business experience as practitioners as well as their strong academic credentials.

Flexible programs and transfers provide students with the option to transfer course credits to Acsenda programs. For students wanting to fast-track their education, there are four intakes a year rather than two. This schedule determines a student’s graduation date. Students can complete their BBA in as little as 2.5 years, saving them time and expenses, as well as getting them into a career much faster.

An education with either Sprott Shaw College or Acsenda School of Management offers students an academic experience that is relevant and meaningful to current economic trends. Programs are delivered in a way that is in tune with the needs of students to help them succeed.

“Educational institutions need to be aware of what’s happening in today’s economy. There’s not enough employment for youth today to make them more productive.” Says Dang. “We have to be integrated to learning modules in partnerships with high schools; to test abilities for succeeding in different areas that correspond to a student’s natural aptitudes. By creating pathways into post-secondary education, we can fast track students into programs with direct access to employment upon graduation while satisfying market needs.”