Steel River Group and Trans-Pacific Trading Ltd. Partner to Build Indigenous Capacity in the Wood Products Sector

CALGARY, Alberta, Nov. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Steel River Group Ltd. (Steel River) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Trans-Pacific Trading Ltd. (TRAPA), a full-service forest products sales, marketing and manufacturing company, to develop capacity-building opportunities for Indigenous communities.

Through this new Alliance Partnership, Steel River and TRAPA will work collaboratively to enhance economic opportunities within the wood products sector for Indigenous communities and companies, including ownership in forestry related assets.

“This is an exciting partnership for Steel River Group, with incredible economic potential for Indigenous Nations and groups,” said Trent Fequet, founder and CEO of Steel River Group. “There is a deep alignment between Steel River Group and TRAPA. Together, we see an immediate opportunity to create equitable relationships with Indigenous Nations and groups that will build capacity and strengthen competency, supporting these communities to achieve sustainable growth.”

As part of the Steel River Ecosystem, TRAPA will provide employment and training opportunities for Indigenous peoples in the wood products sector, providing immediate and long-term benefits back to the community. The company has experience working with Indigenous communities, having collaborated on numerous such projects since its inception in 1954.

“We’re thrilled to join Steel River Group in this important work,” said Jim Tyrer, president of TRAPA. “This alliance is a natural fit for our company and an example of our long-term commitment to partnering with Indigenous communities in both business and workforce development.”

Steel River is proud to welcome TRAPA to the Steel River Ecosystem and looks forward to exploring economic and project-driven opportunities within the wood products sector.

About Steel River Group

Steel River Group is an Indigenous-owned diversified management, development and construction consortium. The company’s mission is to partner with Indigenous communities on infrastructure projects to maximize Indigenous employment, education, ownership and entrepreneurial experience. Steel River Group’s Governing Principles are deeply rooted in Indigenous values, beliefs and culture, grounded by a strong sense of community. Steel River’s operating approach is centered around the company’s inclusive Ecosystem Model, which brings Steel River Owned Companies, Indigenous Communities and Strategic Alliance Partners together over a shared vision to create opportunities for generational wealth.

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About Trans-Pacific Trading Ltd.

Trans-Pacific Trading Ltd., known in the industry as TRAPA, was established in 1954 and is based in Richmond, British Columbia. TRAPA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hampton Lumber, with sawmills in Burns Lake and Ft St James BC as well as mills in the US Pacific Northwest.

TRAPA is a full service log and lumber company focused and committed to customer service. Exceptional customer service is measured by our ability to procure different species, grades, sizes and quality of softwood lumber, to ship on time, and provide timely information throughout the transaction.

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