Steel River Group Announces a Reimagined Approach to Water Care in Canada

CALGARY, Alberta, May 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Calgary based Steel River Group Ltd. (Steel River), an Indigenous-owned diversified management consortium, has announced the formation of a new entity, Water Care Company, reimagining the approach to the preservation, sovereignty and stewardship of one of our most important resources, water.

Access to simple, effective, and user-friendly water and wastewater treatment solutions continues to be a growing challenge across Canada and beyond. This challenge is amplified and often overlooked when talking about small, remote, and Indigenous communities. Water Care Company will provide mobile turn-key water care to meet this crucial need.

Through Steel River’s expansive ecosystem, Water Care Company is working with industry leaders like Total Metalworks Inc., a Calgary based manufacturer with decades of experience in the water space, designing and fabricating modular treatment solutions for deployment.

“As an Indigenous business owner who has worked with Indigenous communities across Canada, I’ve seen first-hand the water crisis that many remote and Indigenous communities are facing,” said Trent Fequet, Founder and CEO of Steel River. “By supporting collaboration through Steel River’s ecosystem partners like Total Metalworks Inc., Water Care Company is immediately able to offer treatment solutions that are owned, operated and maintained by communities at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems, giving these communities access to clean water.”

Although basic water infrastructure and processes have remained unchanged for decades, the cost requirements to put these processes in place has continued to remain high, even increasing year over year. Many small, remote and Indigenous communities do not operate their own facilities, which leads to increased operating costs and lost opportunities for employment and benefits to remain within the community.

In addition to these challenges, regulations on wastewater are continuously increasing as the world sees rising evidence of the negative effects that inadequately or non-treated wastewater has on nearly every ecosystem on the planet.

Water Care Company has aligned itself with several simple, effective and user-friendly treatment technologies, allowing them to provide equipment and system offerings to communities that fit their unique needs. Water Care Company will continue to leverage new effective technologies and solutions-based services to act as a complete turnkey approach to support Indigenous and rural communities, government, and industry in taking better care of their water.

About Steel River Group

Steel River Group is a privately held Indigenous owned and operated company that creates opportunity where Indigenous-led businesses are empowered to create and capture value for our people, strategic alliance partners, and our communities. Steel River Group’s Governing principles are deeply rooted in Indigenous values, beliefs, and culture, grounded by a strong sense of community. Steel River’s operating approach is centered around their inclusive Ecosystem Model, which brings Steel River Owned Companies, Indigenous Communities and Strategic Alliance Partners together over a shared vision to create opportunities for generation wealth.

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