Steele Collision Centres

“Where Value is Driven Home”

It is one of those things you hope to never have to use, but can make all the difference if you do.

Steele Collision Centres is an experienced and dynamic collision repair division of Steele Auto Group.

Founded in 1990 when Rob Steele bought and renamed a Chrysler dealership Steele Chrysler, Steele Auto Group is one of Atlantic Canada’s biggest automotive companies. Following the inaugural dealership, Steele Auto Group grew to include a major roster under the Steele umbrella, including Steele Ford, Steele Mazda, Steele Volkswagen, Steele Hyundai, Halifax Chrysler, Porsche of Halifax, Volvo of Halifax, Land Rover or Halifax, and Jaguar of Halifax, as well as MacPhee Chevorlet.

With each new dealership acquisition, Steele Auto Group’s collision division grew, each coming with its own individual repair centre, technicians, equipment, and expertise. In 2005, the decision was made to consolidate body shops from dealerships and create Steele Collision Centres to provide professional and expert collision repair to its customers.

By moving the Collision Centres to four main locations, Steele Collisions Centres/MacPhee Collision Center ensures that customers’ vehicle repair needs are given the best in workmanship and a quick turnaround.

Under the management of Graham Owen, Steele Collision Centres has an expert team of auto body repair technicians who are committed to leading-edge training in new and evolving repair technology. All team members have full factory, I-CAR and advanced colour-match training.

“Feasibly, it makes a lot more sense to have a couple under one roof,” says Owen, who notes that creating Steele Collision Centres has made both the repair business and the dealership business run optimally.

“At the same time, when we moved the smaller repair shops out we were able to utilize the space that it occupied in the dealership. For instance, in the Ford dealership, they use that space now for a Ford Truck repair shop. Same thing at Chrysler, they used the old body shop as a place to service and sell Sprinter vans, and Volkswagen expanded its service department.”

“When an accident occurs it is a very dramatic and trying time on your mental state and personal state. It throws a wrench into your life. We step in and help the customer in every aspect of getting their car fixed and routine back on track in the quickest possible time,” Owen continues.

Steele Collision Centres has deep roots in the automotive industry and an established reputation which results in partnerships within the community. Steele Collision Centres has partnered with nine leading insurance companies and is approved by all these insurance companies, being able to assist customers with insurance needs at a valuable time. The company also has fluid working relations with all the automotive companies and can pass on the benefit working synchronicity to its customers.

“So, for instance, when you come to the GM store, we have GM’s Bump the Competition program which offers the customer highly competitive pricing and OEM parts for vehicles calling for aftermarket parts,” says Owen. “Using new OEM equipment benefits both the customer and insurance company and the fit and finish is that much better. So it is a win-win-win situation.”

“We have a good liaison between all of our shops and dealerships,” continues Owen. “These were original shops that were part of the dealerships, so the relationships with the managers are already there and we pass that ease and fluidity down to our customers. With every car we sell, we offer service, parts and collision, so when you are out in the market and a customer has an accident, they have the opportunity to decide where they want to have their car fixed, which saves them time and offers them peace of mind.”
Steele Collision Centres proudly offer a warranty on all its work. “We stand by our work and behind what we have done in workmanship and paint products.” Recommended by insurance companies, Steele Collision Centres has built a reputation amongst its peers for its training establishment and service, so, “customers know they are going to be served with utmost professionalism and have the proper repair done when they come through,” says Owen.

A partnership with PPG Canada as well as Norton Canada means all Steele Collision Centres paint, abrasives, tapes, and other working material are top of the line products.

Setting the Bar in Training

Owen knows Steele Collision Centres are only as good as its technicians, therefore the company has a stalwart dedication to upholding leading-edge training amongst its entire staff. Owen also works closely with apprentices, who they try to guarantee a spot in one of the Centre’s upon completion of their training.
“We try to keep the flow going in the workplace with first- and second-year apprentices because our age of technicians is growing and we want to continually bring in the brightest and the best,” says Owen.

“In today’s marketplace, there are new hard case steels, new metals, and the repair process today is not the same as it was 10 years ago and I am sure in the future it will change as well. With an extensive training program, we have positioned ourselves where we can fix anything that comes our way.”