Stewart Weir

Celebrating 100 years of progress

Not only will 2012 mark the 100th year anniversary for engineering and surveying company Stewart Weir, it also promises to be the busiest and hopefully most profitable in the Alberta-based company’s history.

Started in 1912 by industry pioneer A.G. Stewart (ALS), the company played a significant role in opening up the west’s natural resource potential and continues to do so today. For a company that has such a bright future, Stewart Weir never forgets its past, and celebrations for the centennial anniversary have kicked off throughout its five offices in Alberta.

The pioneering spirit Stewart Weir is founded on permeates the business today. Brian Pearse, with the company for 26 years, became CEO of Stewart Weir in 2010. “My years with Stewart Weir have allowed me to understand the importance of trust and integrity in relationships—relationships that begin internally and extend through to our clients and business partners,” says Pearse.

“Our mission, passionately exceeding expectations, has not changed. In 1912 we started as a surveying company, adding engineering services in the early 1950s and pretty much continued on those two streams. In recent decades we have added materials testing, geo technical testing, GIS, environmental, mapping and imaging to our services in an effort to provide exhaustive surveying and engineering services to our clients in their diverse sectors.

“We like to think of ourselves as entrepreneurial, our clients bring us into certain situations from time to time and so really through their help and our own efforts we pick an area to diversify into.”

This diversification has “gone extremely well” according to Pearse. “It has been gratifying how we’ve been able to integrate into new areas.”

“We have different business lines that have a certain expertise and often, a project requires some teaming or integration, and we are able to put together specific multi-disciplinary teams that will meet those requirements.”

The requirements of Stewart Weir’s clients are as varied as their sectors, from rural counties, small towns and large cities, to private enterprises such as oil and gas giants Enbridge and Atco Pipelines, as well as Alberta Transportation. These clients have a long-standing working relationship with Stewart Weir, some even going back more than 60 years.

The infrastructure sector has been particularly prodigious for Stewart Weir as of late. Stewart Weir, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, provides superior pipeline planning and construction management services from project inception, construction completion, and into the pipeline integrity phase of the project lifecycle. These services also include construction surveying for large scale industrial plants.

Embracing the globe

Stewart Weir seeks to exceed client expectations through geomatics, engineering and other diversified services in Western Canada, and now, Australia.

Embracing the corporate philosophy of “Embracing the Globe, Igniting our Passion”, the company expanded to Australia in 2010 for work on the burgeoning Liquid Natural Gas sector.

“I think, really the sky is the limit,” says Pearse. “Australians are very proud of their local influence and history and we need to find an interesting way to build onto that with our Canadian history and experience and I’m sure we will. It’s very important for us to be able to provide our services to the world.”

100th year

“Our staff and clients are our biggest proponents. If we do great things for our employees and clients and treat them as well as we can, then that’s our greatest medium for a showcase.”

One of these great things is the Stewart Weir University, an online educational forum with courses ranging from technical upgrading to interpersonal skills, “all the things we believe our staff need to have to achieve the extraordinary,” says Pearse.

“Our business model is to provide value to our clients. The more creative, innovative and intelligent our staff are the better able they are to provide that value.”

2012 has started out with an auspicious beginning, and is set to end as one of the best on the books for the company. “There are many interesting and complex projects that are about to come on scene. Because of our close working relationship with our clients, especially the ones we have worked with over the years, we definitely want to be there to help them be successful.

“The people of Stewart Weir have always taken pride in the work they do and in meeting the challenges of a constantly changing industry,” boasts Pearse. “The future promises to be as thrilling as the past for our dynamic and diverse company.”