Strassburger Windows and Doors

Transparent quality

Reducing heat loss is at the forefront of home design as many homeowners and residents look to reduce their environmental footprints. In Canadian homes, major sources of heat lose includes windows, doors and skylights, but homeowners are now able to address this issue and reduce their energy consumption, while at the same time saving money.

Southern Ontario-based Strassburger Windows and Doors is helping lead this charge for change by offering its customers a wide range of energy-efficient windows, doors and skylights. The company is one of Canada’s leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality vinyl windows, entrance door systems, vinyl patio doors, decorative terrace and garden doors, and skylights, and its Energy Star-rated energy-efficient windows have been designed to increase comfort levels, cut down noise levels and curtail the amount of condensation created by cold weather. As well as reducing energy consumption from within the home, Strassburger’s Energy Star-qualified windows are acting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

A family history

Founded as a roofing company in 1949 by Morgan Strassburger Sr., this family-run company has taken on many challenges in the past six decades, but has continued to maintain its belief in respect and fairness throughout its history.

Over the years the company has undergone many changes, and can claim to have manufacturing experience in roofing, insulation, renovations, siding and fiberglass awnings, and has even operated its very own hardware store. By the late 1960s the business was concentrating solely on insulation and in time became one of the largest insulation contractors in Canada.  

Following further expansions to its facility in and around the city of Kitchener, as well as changes to the insulation market in Canada, the 1980s saw Strassburger move into window and door manufacturing, which has been its sole focus since selling the insulation side of the business in 1996.

Today, Strassburger Windows and Doors operates from a 92,500 square foot facility in Kitchener, and runs a satellite office and showroom in Barrie, Ontario, as it looks to serve the growing demand from the Ottawa region. With growth continuing at an exceptional rate the company has begun to look outside of Ontario and in recent years has started to serve the American market in Michigan.

Quality and care

When it comes to the installation of windows and doors, quality is the key and is best left in the hands of professionals. In order to avoid poor installation that could lead to water leaks and further damage, Strassburger has created a Dealer Locator for qualified installation referrals, which has proved to be a handy database tool for its customers.

Each and every one of Strassburger’s products has achieved the international Energy Star standard, which means each manufactured item has been constructed to meet strict technical requirements for both thermal and structural performance. In keeping with its commitment to respect and fairness, Strassburger offers its customers a non-prorated warranty that fully covers its products for up to 20 years.

Today, the company is determined to stay on top of the industry and has implemented a new Paradigm Fenestration Software, which includes a new order entry programme to support dealers, as well as a manufacturing programme. The software has helped the company take production, shipping and receiving to a new level of organization.  

Strassburger has also developed a range of new products, including a wood interior window system, a new door program that includes upgrades to frame and sill options, and it has continued to develop glazing options to work with Energy Star standards. With a broad range of leading edge products and a legacy of family business and values, Strassburger Windows and Doors is looking to continue its role at the top of its industry for many years to come.