Style Construction

Coordination, organization key for Style Construction Management

“That’s what I love about this job; the tangible benefits of construction, seeing something go from a plan, to drawings on paper, to a finished product that you can touch and feel and see,” says Chris Sloan, President of Style Construction Management.

For more than 20 years, Sloan has created professional office interiors. Style Construction Management is a leading first class construction contractor specializing in the installation of business interiors and office renovations, answering the needs of changing corporate cultures.

Organization, coordination and execution

A typical scenario, says Sloan, is a client will have 90 days to move their office. Whether that client is in an industrial building or commercial building, the Style Construction team will “organize, coordinate, and execute” that client’s vision.
Working with leading designers, architects and property managers, Style Construction will take the project completely out of its clients’ hands, from design management, construction and post-construction management, leaving the client the time to concentrate on the administrative aspects of a task, as daunting as moving one’s business.

Time is of the essence

Timing is always the biggest challenge in these cases and the company has very impressive turnover times, some as quick as six weeks, as was the case with client Lego Canada. Lego relocated its Canadian corporate head office, and Style Construction looked at an empty warehouse and saw its potential to be an office with high ceiling, grand windows, open space, and brightness. The 7,200 square foot office site was ready in a month-and-a-half, impressive for any sized project.

Or take the case of Crane, a company that was moving their office from Montreal to Toronto. “In order not to have any down time, we did this project in two separate phases,” says Sloan. “In Phase 1, they set up their Toronto offices and, in Phase 2, the executives made the move from Montreal. This included specialty finishes such as millwork, glazing complete with window frostings and carpet inserts.” The project was complete, on time and on budget, in 12 weeks.

From start to finish

Examples like this are many, Style Construction having done about 40 projects of its kind last year.

“We take a project from when a company is touring through space,” says Sloan. “And once they have made their decisions, we start immediately on space planning, budget pricing, full drawing preparation, permit applications…all construction right through until the client moves in.

“Even after their job was done and we were moved in, the [Style Construction] team thought nothing of coming back for any minor work required,” says Andy Redmond, client and CEO of Redmond Group. “The quality of work was outstanding and we have had many compliments on our new office.”
Style Construction’s advantage is that it has worked with Toronto’s best tradesmen and women, establishing solid relationships and a shared vision for excellence and accountability.

“Immediate action,” is what Sloan says it takes to be successful at office interiors. “As soon as the job comes in, we are on it right away.” And he has to be. “Communication is a big thing. We always communicate to all of our trades the schedule and make sure they have the capacity and human resource to handle that timing. It’s important to have good people who are reliable.”

Another client, AMER Sports Canada, is quick to laud Style Construction for its coordination. “This project had very tight deadlines with many different aspects in play. Style Construction did a fantastic job getting all the key elements pulled together within the time allotted and within budget,” says AMER Sports Canada Director of Operations Bradley Dow.

“I’ve seen enough of these projects that I know what red flags to look for, if you will,” says Sloan, “or what things need to be tackled first.”

Hard work equals success. Last year was “one of our best,” beams Sloan. With the company planning on taking on more project managers, Sloan feels Style Construction will be poised to take on more work and increase capacity. In this niche market, Style Construction has emerged as Toronto’s top office interior contractors, creating modern workspaces tailored to clients’ specific vision.

Active members of contractor organizations such as the Building Owners and Managers Association of Canada, Style Construction’s reputation as a business on the cutting edge of products and industry practices makes it services highly sought after.