Swift ​​Navigation ​​Recognized ​​in ​​List ​​of ​​Top ​​50 ​​Best ​​Places ​​to ​​Work ​​and ​​Top ​​25 Companies ​​for ​​Diversity ​​in ​​Comparably’s ​​2017 ​​Workplace ​​Awards

SAN ​​FRANCISCO, ​​CA–(Marketwired – December 06, 2017) – Swift ​​​​Navigation​, ​​a ​​​​San ​​​​Francisco-based ​​​​tech ​​​​firm ​​​​building centimeter-accurate ​​​​GPS ​​​​technology ​​​​to ​​​power ​​a ​​​​world ​​​​of ​​​autonomous ​​​​vehicles, ​​​​today ​​​​announced ​​its inclusion ​​in ​​two ​​business ​​awards ​​from ​​​Comparably​, ​​a ​​compensation, ​​culture ​​and ​​career ​​monitoring website. ​​The ​​company ​​was ​​listed ​​#32 ​​in ​​the ​​top ​​places ​​to ​​work, ​​​​​as ​​featured ​​in ​​​Business Insider ​​as ​​well ​​as being ​​listed ​​#21 ​​in ​​the ​​top ​​companies ​​for ​​diversity, ​as featured in USA Today. ​​The ​​Top ​​50 ​​Best ​​Places ​​to Work ​​Award ​​is ​​the ​​most ​​prestigious ​​of ​​the ​​business ​​awards ​​from ​​Comparably, ​​according ​​to ​​the company’s ​​CEO.

“Comparably’s ​​annual ​​Best ​​Places ​​to ​​Work ​​list ​​represents ​​the ​​top ​​50 ​​companies ​​among ​​thousands ​​of U.S. ​​businesses. ​​This ​​prestigious ​​award ​​showcases ​​the ​​best ​​overall ​​company ​​cultures ​​as ​​rated ​​by ​​their own ​​employees,” ​​said ​​Jason ​​Nazar, ​​CEO ​​of ​​Comparably.com. ​​”Team ​​members ​​leave ​​the ​​most comprehensive ​​ratings ​​and ​​reviews ​​to ​​help ​​Comparably ​​determine ​​the ​​most ​​in-depth ​​and ​​accurate account ​​of ​​the ​​best ​​places ​​to ​​work. ​​These ​​honorees ​​stand ​​out ​​as ​​the ​​best ​​of ​​the ​​best, ​​reflecting ​​the ​​most stellar ​​teams, ​​leaders, ​​compensation ​​and ​​benefits.”

“Inclusion ​​in ​​both ​​of ​​these ​​awards ​​reaffirms ​​Swift’s ​​culture ​​and ​​values,” ​​said ​​Timothy ​​Harris, ​​Co-Founder and ​​CEO ​​of ​​Swift ​​Navigation. ​​”With ​​just ​​over ​​50 ​​team ​​members, ​​it’s ​​remarkable ​​that ​​we ​​employ ​​people from ​​17 ​​countries ​​around ​​the ​​globe ​​and ​​pride ​​ourselves ​​on ​​a ​​truly ​​diverse ​​work ​​environment. ​​We ​​also strive ​​to ​​create ​​the ​​best ​​work ​​atmosphere ​​for ​​all ​​our ​​employees ​​to ​​show ​​them ​​how ​​much ​​we ​​value ​​and appreciate ​​them. ​​I’m ​​thrilled ​​to ​​have ​​confirmation ​​from ​​the ​​team ​​that ​​the ​​feeling ​​is ​​mutual.”

Swift ​​Navigation ​​employs ​​team ​​members ​​from ​​diverse ​​countries ​​worldwide, ​​including ​​Australia, Belgium, ​​Canada, ​​Chile, ​​China, ​​Finland, ​​France, ​​India, ​​Italy, ​​Jordan, ​​New ​​Zealand, ​​Peru, ​​Poland, ​​South Africa, ​​UK, ​​USA ​​and ​​Venezuela.

Comparably’s ​​Best ​​Places ​​to ​​Work ​​list ​​is ​​influenced ​​by ​​candid ​​answers ​​completed ​​by ​​employees ​​about salary ​​and ​​benefits, ​​work-life ​​balance, ​​work ​​environment, ​​relationships ​​with ​​coworkers ​​and ​​managers, the ​​effectiveness ​​of ​​the ​​leadership ​​team ​​and ​​other ​​workplace ​​issues. ​​Swift ​​team ​​members ​​rated ​​the company ​​highly ​​in ​​all ​​of ​​these ​​categories ​​and ​​cited ​​Swift’s ​​Company ​​Values, ​​transparent communications, ​​open ​​vacation ​​policy, ​​salary, ​​benefits ​​and ​​equity, ​​frequent ​​team ​​meals ​​and ​​fun ​​group outings ​​and ​​the ​​ability ​​to ​​make ​​meaningful ​​contributions ​​in ​​the ​​workplace ​​by ​​collaborating ​​on ​​exciting engineering ​​projects ​​as ​​some ​​of ​​the ​​reasons ​​they ​​most ​​enjoyed ​​working ​​at ​​Swift.


Swift ​​Navigation​, ​​Inc. ​​was ​​founded ​​in ​​2012 ​​to ​​make ​​GPS ​​positioning ​​technology ​​more ​​accurate ​​and affordable. ​​Today, ​​Swift ​​Navigation ​​has ​​gained ​​a ​​reputation ​​for ​​defining ​​a ​​new ​​category ​​of ​​GNSS ​​systems as ​​the ​​industry’s ​​first ​​low-cost, ​​high ​​accuracy ​​real-time ​​kinematics ​​(RTK) ​​receiver. ​​Its ​​GPS ​​and ​​GNSS positioning ​​products ​​are ​​available ​​at ​​a ​​fraction ​​of ​​the ​​price ​​of ​​the ​​competition ​​and ​​deliver ​​100 ​​times better ​​accuracy ​​than ​​the ​​GPS ​​in ​​a ​​cell ​​phone. ​​Swift ​​Navigation’s ​​technology ​​benefits ​​a ​​multitude ​​of industries ​​and ​​applications — including ​​autonomous ​​vehicles, ​​unmanned ​​aerial ​​vehicles ​​(UAVs), ​​precision agriculture, ​​robotics, ​​surveying ​​and ​​space. ​​With ​​its ​​innovation ​​and ​​technology ​​honored ​​by ​​​Inc.’s ​​2016 and ​​​Forbes ​​2017 ​​30 ​​Under ​​30 ​​lists, ​​Swift ​​Navigation ​​is ​​enabling ​​a ​​world ​​where ​​fields ​​farm ​​themselves, drones ​​fly ​​safely ​​and ​​autonomous ​​transportation ​​can ​​take ​​you ​​home. ​​Learn ​​more ​​online ​​at ​​​swiftnav.com and ​​follow ​​Swift ​​on ​​Twitter ​@Swiftnav

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