T-Zone Health Inc.

“Movement is Life”

While this forward-thinking company started some 40 years ago as a plastics manufacturer, the game changer came to T-Zone Health in the form of Whole Body Vibration technology. As a family company, the Aboody family has always been a fan of the healthy lifestyle and fitness, so it’s no surprise that when the opportunity to acquire the Whole Body Vibration technology crossed their sights, Morris Aboody, the President of T-Zone Health Inc., did not think twice about taking over this technology and making it available to the larger public.

Studies of Whole Body Vibration show improved fitness and health, accomplishing results in a fraction of the time compared to those of conventional exercise.

The technology is accepted by major medical, rehabilitation and therapeutic centres in Europe, the U.S., Canada and Australia; professional sport teams have adopted the technology for rehabilitation and for development of explosive strength. Health spas offer personalized sessions for massage and relaxation, and personal trainers use it for the ultimate whole body strength and toning workout.

The Canadian Business Journal spoke with Aboody about the technology behind T-Zone’s oscillating vibration platform, and about the ways the company delivers this unique technology to Canadians and around the world. “The idea came to us during a business luncheon, and we made our decision to take on this technology within one hour of the luncheon. We were sold on the technology as soon as we came across it. The technology was more than a business opportunity — it was the love for the product. The benefits this technology gives are unequalled. It’s not only a business for us; it’s our passion,” says Aboody.

Aboody estimates that T-Zone Health’s products cover over 75 per cent of the Canadian market, and over 500,000 people have used T-Zone Health products worldwide. The T-Zone technology currently takes second place worldwide in Whole Body Vibration machines; however, the plan is to expand further and become No. 1 in the near future.

The Technology

The human body reacts to a natural stimulus with an involuntary muscle contraction, a reflex. Using Whole Body Vibration, muscles react up to 32 times per second (approximately 16 contractions and 16 relaxations, depending on the speed). With increased acceleration, the body reacts as though it “weighs” more, meaning one can work against a far greater influence of gravity (“load”) in every movement performed.

The technology is widely used by chiropractors, physiotherapists, trainers and doctors across the world, and the technology is suitable for all ages and health levels. “Standing on something that goes left-to-right 32 times per second, what happens is movement. The core of the technology is simply movement, because movement is life. The second thing is that the body’s natural reaction is to stabilize itself – that’s the workout. You are out of balance 32 times per second, so your body works hard to balance itself.”

“There is a certain level of education that needs to come with the technology, so our club owners as well as our dealers educate the users and the public about the benefits of our technology.

“Chiropractors and other health practitioners love our technology. We have over 150 professionals using our technology. They use it for their own clinics but they serve as our dealers as well, because it just makes sense to combine the two,” says Aboody.

Because Whole Body Vibration is a unique and highly specialized technology, the company decided to market its product outside the traditional marketing channels, using health professionals and enthusiasts to spread the message of the technology’s benefits to the health-cautious public. The company started its own health studios where the technology is available to the club members.

As to the business expansion, the company currently offers 10 turnkey operations in Ontario to the interested franchisees, and also continues to seek additional agents. T-Zone Health will even create a payment plan that works for the franchisee. The company also plans to establish a buying group for markets outside the U.S. and Canada.

As to the present and future plans, the company established agents in many countries, with sales and marketing provisions available in three languages.

T-Zone Health is a wholesome Canadian business with a strong drive towards success. The company may have started its new health niche only a few years back, while its business today covers most of the world’s market for this technology, and the plan of becoming the global leader in Whole Body Vibration technology doesn’t seem a far reach. 

All Photos by Eric Farache