Taber Chiropractic Announces Affordable Custom Orthotics

BOWIE, Md., Sept. 13, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Custom orthotics can have a profound impact on the way people walk and their overall health. Custom orthotics are superior to traditional orthotics available for purchase in retail stores. Specifically, custom orthotics are designed to the precise needs of an individual’s foot. The one drawback for many people from enjoying the benefits custom orthotics represent has been the price. Drs. Theodore and Diane Taber of Taber Chiropractic in Bowie, Maryland, seek to change that by offering high-quality custom orthotics at significantly reduced prices.Taber Chiropractic in Bowie, Maryland, seeks to bring the benefits of custom orthotics to a wider group of people. The clinic plans to do this by substantially reducing the prices of custom orthotics without sacrificing the precision and quality that makes them worthwhile.Custom orthotics are created by taking a digital scan of the foot and by having patients fill out a detailed survey so doctors can understand specific needs the patients have and create orthotics designed to meet those needs. This also helps to ensure that patients are getting the best value for their money.Patients need orthotics for different reasons. Most people have some degree of drop to their arches which can cause problems over time and general discomfort. When left uncorrected, these dropped arches can have direct and significant impact on muscular skeletal systems. Issues arising from dropped arches include false short legs, rotational stress on knees and hips and instability in the pelvis.Some insurance providers cover custom orthotics, some will provide a portion of the costs, and others will provide no coverage. This is part of the reason Dr. Taber decided to offer such a drastic reduction in costs, from between $400 and $500 to between $270 and $335 for custom orthotics at Taber Chiropractic.“Because the problem of dropped arches is so widespread and has the potential to cause so much pain to the people dealing with it, we wanted to make it easier for our patients to get the assistance they need,” says Dr. Taber.In addition to offering deeply discounted prices on two lines of custom orthotics, Taber Chiropractic also offers over-the-counter orthotics that are less expensive, as well as orthotic flip-flops.Anyone with questions about custom orthotics and what it can mean for their spinal and overall health is encouraged to call Dr. Taber at 301-352-4500 to discuss orthotic options or to schedule an appointment.About Taber ChiropracticOwned and Operated by Dr. Theodore Taber and his wife Dr. Diane Taber, Taber Chiropractic is located on Gallant Fox Lane in Bowie, Maryland. They are dedicated to offering quality chiropractic services to the community including chiropractic adjustments, orthotics, corrective exercises, nutritional counseling, weight loss programs, spinal and postural screenings, lifestyle advice, and physiotherapy.Taber Chiropractic, (301) 352-4500

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