Taber Chiropractic Announces New Spinal Rehab Program

BOWIE, Md., Dec. 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Taber Chiropractic announced that the practice has had great success treating patients with it Spinal Rehab program. The program focuses primarily on teaching patients how to maintain a neutral spine in daily life. This includes keeping the back straight to avoid the flexion and over-extension that can cause pain, say chiropractors Dr. Diane Taber and Dr. Ted Taber. Taber Chiropractic’s spinal program includes Pilates fundamentals, breathing exercises, core strengthening and movement training. The chiropractors recommend the spinal rehab program for patients struggling with chronic back pain and say the program is a natural complement to chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy treatments for pain relief.
Bowie chiropractors Dr. Diane and Ted Taber say their new Spinal Rehab Program is helping patients safely get active without chronic back pain. The program is designed for patients who experience chronic back pain and are searching for a drug-free treatment option for enhanced pain relief and a fuller range of mobility.“We designed the Spinal Rehab program for our patients who struggle with chronic back pain,” said Dr. Diane Taber. “The program helps patients safely become active again by bringing mobility to the body and teaching correct posture. Starting from a neutral spine position makes it possible to exercise without experiencing pain.”“There are five key fundamentals to our Spinal Rehab program: hip hinging versus back and knee hinging, strengthening the glutes, abdominal bracing, breathing properly and stabilizing the shoulders,” said Dr. Ted Taber. “By combining these different elements, we teach patients how to safely achieve an engaged core and a good posture.”In addition to the Spinal Rehab program, Taber Chiropractic also offers spinal and postural screenings.  The goal of these screenings is to help patients identify improper posture habits and take steps to correct these postural mistakes.“Our spinal screening program is all about proactive care,” said Dr. Ted Taber. “As children, we are often reminded to sit up straight and stand tall, but as adults, it’s easy to let poor posture develop. Slouching on the couch or slumping over a computer screen can lead to serious pain issues. Our mission with both our postural screening program and Spinal Rehab program is to intervene as early as possible to restore normal functionality to the spine.”Taber Chiropractic provides drug-free pain management, injury rehabilitation and whole body wellness care services for Bowie patients. These services include manual chiropractic adjustments, adjustments with the Impulse Adjusting instrument, physiotherapy, orthotics and weight loss programs. For more information on the benefits of chiropractic care and the practice’s Spinal Rehab Program, visit or call 301-352-4500.