TDb SPLIT CORP. Regular Monthly Dividend Declaration for Class A & Preferred Share

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TORONTO, Jan. 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TDb Split Corp. (“TDb Split”) declares its regular monthly distribution of $0.05000 for each Class A share ($0.60 annually) and $0.04375 for each Preferred share ($0.525 annually). Distributions are payable February 8, 2019 to shareholders on record as at January 31, 2019.

Since inception, Class A shareholders have received a total of $5.75 per share and Preferred shareholders have received a total of $6.03 per share inclusive of this distribution, for a combined total of $11.78.

TDb Split invests in common shares of Toronto-Dominion Bank, a leading Canadian Financial institution.

Distribution Details
Class A Share (XTD)

Preferred Share (XTD.PR.A)

Ex-Dividend Date:
      January 30, 2019

Record Date:
      January 31, 2019

Payable Date:
      February 8, 2019

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Local: 416-304-4443