TELUS introduces Bring-It-Back, helping customers get the latest smartphones for less

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New and current customers will save big upfront on the latest and greatest smartphones when they agree to bring their device back at the end of their two-year contracts

TORONTO, Jan. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today TELUS continues to put customers first as it launches an industry-first smartphone affordability program, called Bring-It-Back. The program provides both new and renewing customers the ability to get the latest and greatest eligible higher-tier smartphone devices for a lower upfront cost when the customer agrees to bring back the device at the end of their contract.

With the pace of smartphone evolution moving exponentially, there’s always a new device that’s bigger, better and faster coming out. But these new cutting edge smartphone features, such as enhanced processing power, camera technology, battery life and data speeds, can be costly for an average consumer. That’s why TELUS is introducing Bring-It-Back in order to make the latest devices more easily accessible for Canadians.

“We’re passionate about giving customers options and choice, including when it comes to purchasing devices. We know that Canadians love having the latest smartphone technology in their hands, but understand that the upfront cost of these devices can be a barrier,” said Jim Senko, President, Mobility Solutions at TELUS. “We’ve listened to our customers and are proud to offer an affordability program like Bring-It-Back.”

Customers who select the Bring-It-Back program will receive a deduction off the upfront cost of their new device (the exact dollar amount will depend on the specific device). At the end of their two-year contract, customers can bring the device back to TELUS in good working condition and upgrade to a new device with the option of re-enrolling into the Bring-It-Back program. They can also choose to repay the initial Bring-It-Back Program Amount and keep the device. There is no cost to enroll in Bring-It-Back or any fees associated with the program throughout the term of the contract. This program is great for customers who want to stay up to date with the latest smartphones without the high entry cost.

As an example, currently a smartphone that costs $300 upfront may be offered a Bring-It-Back Program Amount of $200, meaning that the customer would pay $100 upfront. After the two-year term, the customer can choose to return the device in proper working order or pay the original $200 program amount. At the end of the term, the customer can upgrade to the latest device and re-enroll into the program.

This program also alleviates the hassle and risks associated with customers selling devices on secondary markets when it’s time to upgrade, and it supports TELUS’ ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability by refurbishing and re-selling the devices that are brought back, giving them a new home rather than adding to electronic waste.

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