Tesla Model 3 Has Braking Issues

Tesla model 3

CBJ — Published reports say the Tesla Model 3 has braking defects that require immediate fixing. The company’s CEO Elon Musk has responded to what have been categorized as serious flaws in the vehicle, admitting there is a problem but saying that the defect will be fixed with an upcoming software update.

U.S. magazine Consumer Reports was the first to shed light on the subject. This latest setback comes at a time when Tesla is already dealing with reports of crashes involving its vehicles and growing skepticism over its longer-term financial viability.

Stock in Tesla has also shown the side effects of several negative reports over the past eight months, dropping about $100 in value since last September.

Production of  the Model 3 began in July of last year and the first regular customers only received their cars in December after some Tesla employees.



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