Thales Delivers Innovative In-Service Support for New AOPS Vessel in Partnership with Royal Canadian Navy

Irving Shipbuilding has successfully delivered the HMCS Harry DeWolf to the Royal Canadian Navy, the first Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS) built under Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy.Thales, under the AJISS contract, has been actively preparing for the delivery of the HMCS Harry DeWolf to ensure operational success and mission readiness for the Royal Canadian Navy from the onset and the duration of its service life to Canada.OTTAWA, Aug. 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Thales Canada congratulates Irving Shipbuilding, the Royal Canadian Navy and the Department of National Defence on the successful delivery of the HMCS Harry DeWolf, the first Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS) under Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy.As the In-Service Support (ISS) provider for the HMCS Harry DeWolf and all of the Royal Canadian Navy’s future Arctic and Offshore Patrol Vessels and Joint Support Ships, Thales will build on years of extensive planning to continue its work under the AJISS contract onboard the first vessel to ensure mission readiness now and throughout the fleets’ operational lifetimes.A global leader in technological research and development, Thales is harnessing the full suite of its digital technologies to deliver innovative marine In-Service Support capabilities to the Royal Canadian Navy.“Thales’ readiness to support the Royal Canadian Navy’s new fleet of Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships draws upon our decades of In-Service Support experience around the world and our unparalleled expertise in project management, systems engineering and integrated logistics. We’re proud to be creating jobs, supporting Canada’s marine sector supply chain, and generating substantive economic benefits to communities across Canada.”Mark Halinaty, President and CEO, Thales CanadaThe Government of Canada awarded the AJISS contract to Thales in 2017. As prime contractor, Thales will support the program for up to thirty-five years, and will generate economic benefits of more than $250 million in research & development in Canada; leveraging both industry and academia to spark innovation and skills development in areas such as predictive maintenance, life-cycle management and logistics support analysis.About Thales Canada

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