‘The Interview’ Online Sales Hit $16 Million

The Interview - movie

CBJ – The planned big-screen movie “The Interview” has earned more than $16 million in online sales on smaller screens – such as televisions and laptop screens – in its first four days of distribution.

Sony Pictures bypassed a wide theater release amid concerns from major cinema chains about threats of violence.

The movie is a comedy about plotting to kill North Korea’s leader.

Sony first made the movie available on Christmas Eve on Google Inc.’s Play and YouTube Movies along with Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox video console and www.seetheinterview.com, a website sponsored by Sony. The film was also released in a limited number of theaters on Christmas Day after major chains canceled their planned Christmas Day showings after threats of violence from hackers that the FBI has linked to North Korea. The hackers had conducted a cyber-attack on Sony’s computers last month.

The movie cost about $44 million to make. It’s estimated Sony had put in about another $35 million in promoting the film, so a conservative estimate has the company doling out almost $80 million. It hopes to recoup some of its investment through the online availability.


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