The Jacobs Center for Cosmetic Surgery Announces an October Accreditation and Other Good News

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – November 06, 2017) – In October, The Jacobs Center for Cosmetic Surgery received a double dose of good news.

First came word that the center had received the maximum possible accreditation from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, a body that assesses medical practices for their adherence to its nationally recognized set of standards. The Jacobs Center’s accreditation is good for three years.

“This is due to the collective efforts of all of our staff at the center,” said Dr. Stanley Jacobs, a triple board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon. “I am proud of every one of them.”

To achieve this accreditation, the practice had to perform a self-assessment of its own practices, as well as welcome an on-site survey from the association itself. The AAAHC has accredited more than 6,000 organizations around the country, including ambulatory surgery centers, military healthcare clinics, and dental practices. Not every organization that seeks accreditation receives it.

The selective nature of the process is meant to ensure that accredited organizations operate with high standards—which is recognized by other organizations, liability insurance providers, state and federal agencies, and the public at large.

Later in the month came news that Crisalix, which the practice uses for simulating potential results of a procedure by creating advanced before-and-after images ahead of any actual surgical work done, had completed clinical data analysis to discover that 95 percent of patients who use the technology in their consultation experience post-consultation satisfaction. The post-surgery satisfaction rate, according to Crisalix’s manufacturer, is 99 percent. As of Oct. 22, 2017, the survey had drawn responses from 50 countries around the world, coming from almost 2,400 patients.

More than half of the patients—58 percent—attributed their decision to move forward with the procedure to Crisalix, calling it the key decision factor. And 97 percent reported feeling that the outcome projected by Crisalix was similar to the surgical outcome they actually experienced.

The Jacobs Center is the only office in the North Bay to offer Crisalix, which employs “3D and 4D Virtual Reality” surgical planning imaging, making use of modern imaging capabilities and technology to create true-to-life portraits of prospective patients and the results of procedures they are considering. The company’s ongoing clinical analysis is performed with an aim to improve patient care and reduce patient dissatisfaction felt after surgery.

Crisalix is available from The Jacobs Center in both Healdsburg and San Francisco.

While Dr. Jacobs focuses on the face at his practice, Dr. Eric Culbertson focuses on breast and body surgery. Together, they work to give Bay Area patients a glimpse of what could be thanks to a successful breast augmentation or rhinoplasty. San Francisco-area men and women can visit the center’s Healdsburg office for surgery.

To learn more about The Jacobs Center for Cosmetic Surgery, call (707) 473-0220. or visit

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