The Lucky Iron Fish Launches A ‘Leaf’ and a Cookbook of Iron-Rich Recipes

Toronto, Ontario, Dec. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Lucky Iron Fish is a simple health innovation designed to improve iron levels naturally and easily. This cooking tool is a block of electrolytic iron, which when added to any boiling liquid for 10 minutes, releases 6-8mg of natural iron into the dish. An average person needs 8mg- 18mg of iron per day.Recently, the company launched 2 new products: the Lucky Iron Leaf, a more vegetarian-friendly version of their original product, as well as the Lucky Iron Cookbook, a compilation of iron-rich recipes for the novice cook looking to improve their iron intake.Why is it important to have adequate iron intake? Because iron is the mineral responsible for transporting oxygen to all the organs. Without adequate iron, we experience symptoms such as low energy, poor immunity, memory loss, poor concentration, dizziness – all of which impact one’s learning and earning potential as well as day-to-day quality of life.Iron deficiency impacts 1 out of 3 people globally. Lucky Iron Fish Inc. is on a mission to improve global health by reducing iron deficiency. So, a portion of every sale is used to give back to undernourished communities around the world. By partnering with organizations like World Vision,  CARE International, and GlobalMedic, Lucky Iron Fish Inc. is able to help improve health & nutrition of marginalized families globally. Lucky Iron Fish Inc.’s products are perfect for anyone looking to improve their energy levels; especially children, women, vegetarians, and athletes since they are at highest risk for being iron deficient.For more information and to make a purchase that gives back to the world, visit AttachmentsCover PhotoLucky Iron LeafShraddha Sekhon
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