The Ontario Medical Network delivers effective Digital Care to Ontario Residents through the delivery of Telemedicine Medical Terminals, and Telehealth Services

TORONTO, Oct. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TeleSense Canada Operator of the Ontario Medical Network is announcing a set of key standards for operating an effective digital care environment. It is a patient-centric model developed around the patient abilities and disabilities for interacting with the provider, making the experience effortless and engaging.
Transforming digital health by providing a true clinical experience:Nurse TriageEffective Medical Triage is necessary to ensure the patient receive the optimal health consultation, that drives the workflow and ownership of the session delivering a better patient experience and a more effective clinical outcome.American Sign LanguageBridging the Communication barrier is imperative for the hearing impaired as this will ensure inclusion in the Digital Health Evolution.Video InterpreterVideo Remote Interpretation (VRI) combines the benefits of face-to-face interpretation with the on-demand nature of Over-the-Phone Interpretation. VRI is an effective solution for language barriers because it is instant and delivers full contextual experience of the consultation.Multi-Party Video CallTo Conduct an effective telehealth and address any communication gaps a multi-party call will ensure additional participation when required by a family member, care giver, nurse, specialist, or an interrupter.Telemedicine Point of CareVirtual Health does not eliminate the need for physical checkup, with the Ontario Medical Network we transform virtual health to Point of Care with the use of personal and clinical telemedicine hardware at home or at a designated location.Our Mission is to create a harmonized digital health experience, serving a spectrum of patients. Focusing on simplicity of engagement, integrating state of art tools to ensure all patients including those with hearing impairment are not excluded from the digital care evolution.About TeleSense CanadaTeleSense Canada is a leading telemedicine solution provider helping patients, healthcare organizations, and medical professionalsā€™ benefit from next-generation technology. TeleSense Canada is committed to delivering high-quality technology and healthcare services by creating a digital health platform that can evolve and scale to address ongoing needs and demands. Learn more at or https://onmd.caPR Contact: [email protected]

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