The Ontario Medical Network Offers a Health Canada Class 3 Certified Personal Clinic and a Mobile Care Unit That Transforms Digital Health to Provide an Effective Clinical Experience

TORONTO, Oct. 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TeleSense Canada Operator of the Ontario Medical Network is announcing general availability to all Ontario Residents an effective clinical experience from home without visiting the physician office by going by virtual health and a simple video call to provide a real time medical clinic unit for residents to remain safe at home during the pandemic. The Home Clinic provides an intuitive easy-to-use, high-resolution touch screen seamlessly integrates into patients’ daily lives. Monitoring, and test compliance alerts, along with active trend charts encourage patients to engage with their own health care from home using clinically accurate devices and peripherals. This Bluetooth connected system has no wires, requires no setup, and the patient does not need any prior knowledge of how to use the technology. It features the following:
Medical Grade Telehealth TerminalVirtual Exam RoomHeight and Weight with Personalized BMI ChartNon-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP)ThermometerSpO2Glucose measurementAlert SystemMonitoring data trends2 internal HD cameras for medical images and videoLightweight at less than 1 lbs.
Home Clinic is designed as a lightweight and mobile medical tablet for in-home use by caregivers and patients themselves. The device connects with Wi-Fi for virtual exams using secure channel. Patient data is auto synchronized and securely transmitted to an EMR systems. In case of a network outage, this information will be locally stored and then forwarded upon availability of the network, enabling users to work online or offline.While the Mobile Care Unit is perfect for Seniors Homes, and Long-Term Care facilities it provides additional diagnostic as follow:High Grade Medical UnitSunTech® blood pressureGenius™ 2 tympanic thermometerNellcor™ OxiMax™ SpO23-lead ECG2 internal HD cameras for medical images and video12-lead ECG Electronic stethoscopeSpirometryAudiometryMedical camerasVideo laryngoscopeGlucoseWi-Fi, LAN, and 3G/4G/LTE
The Mobile Clinic is a portable, self-contained patient examination and diagnostic clinic that brings complete healthcare services to the field. The Mobile Clinic’s ruggedized rolling case is lightweight and compact enough to fit into an airplane overhead storage compartment.The solution has been featured on Global News Morning Show, and it is ready to ship to patients.Currently TeleSense Canada is seeking financial partners to extend financing to residential clients to offer a low monthly cost enabling patients in need to take advantage of the latest technology in digital health.About TeleSense CanadaTeleSense Canada is a leading telemedicine solution provider helping patients, healthcare organizations, and medical professionals benefit from next-generation technology. TeleSense Canada is committed to delivering high-quality technology and healthcare services by creating a digital health platform that can evolve and scale to address ongoing needs and demands. Learn more at or https://onmd.caPR Contact: [email protected]A video accompanying this announcement is available at 

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