The SolePath Institute Announces the Children’s Spiritual Book ‘Emilia Rose and the Rainbow Adventure’

The SolePath Institute Announces the Children's Spiritual Book ‘Emilia Rose and the Rainbow Adventure’

CALGARY, Alberta, Nov. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — An inspirational mentor and spiritual mystic, Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D is excited for the launch promotion of her book ‘Emilia Rose and the Rainbow Adventure on November 2.
In a world where it is easy to be rude, mean, and disrespectful to people both online and offline, parents need to focus on making their children more compassionate, empathetic, and kind. Children take their cues from us, so it is our duty to cultivate a culture of kindness and make this world a better place. It is never too early for children to learn that kindness is a way of life.Written by Dr. Debra Ford, ‘Emilia Rose and the Rainbow Adventure’ is a beautiful book for children and those young at heart, based on Tao wisdom.Dr. Ford has a doctorate in the field of metaphysical science and she teaches spiritual philosophy. She is a respected member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Associations. She is also a part of the Canadian Institute of Metaphysical Ministers as an ordained minister.Shedding light on the inspiration behind this book, Dr. Ford stated, “What a remarkable thing to do for your children, to introduce them, at a young age, to the Tao. The Tao is based on three foundational principles: connection, balance, and flow.”This inspirational book narrates the adventures of Emilia Rose and the LiaBots, all of which are based on the key understanding of the Tao principles. Children intuitively understand that there is a connection with people and everything else. They also realize that if one part is out of balance, it affects all other aspects. Lastly, they understand the concept of flow i.e., non-resistance to everything happening around.One of Emilia’s LiaLand dreams sets the plot in motion, as she spots a rainbow and goes on an adventure with the LiaBots out into the world to find where rainbows come from. The book weaves themes of teamwork, curiosity, and bravery throughout and is a perfect read for children with imaginative minds and a love for fantasy and magic.‘Emilia Rose and the Rainbow Adventures’ will be put up for free download on November 2 on Amazon in Kindle format It is also be available as a paperback and a bedtime story audiobook on the Insight Timer App can download the free ebook copy for your children and feed their curious minds with the goodness of Tao.About the Company – The SolePath Institute
The SolePath Institute strives to guide and support people on the journey to finding their true path and purpose. It aims to help them lead content and peaceful life filled with happiness, success, and love. It hosts workshops and offers resources to connect people with their unique talents and gifts.
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