The Denbow Way

Planet-friendly solutions

The predominantly agricultural green-haven of Chilliwack, British Colombia, is an ideal setting for Denbow Transport Limited, an innovative service company specialising in providing support products and services for the agricultural, landscaping and environmental sectors. The dramatic landscape of Colombia’s Green Heart, surrounded by beautiful mountains and situated in the upper Fraser Valley, paints a picturesque backdrop as Denbow goes about its quest to provide “real world Planet Friendly Solutions” for its various clients.

Yet there’s something different about Denbow. This company is a unique and promising blend of technical knowledge and experience on the ground, executing projects from wood grinding and recycling to products and services for water and air purification.

Doing things the Denbow way

Denbow has been in business since 1981, when it was founded as an agricultural materials supplier. As the years have passed, the company has matured into a full-circle solution provider. “At Denbow, our objective is to provide environmentally sustainable products and high-quality services to our clients,” the company states. “Now in our third decade of operations, we attribute our success to our commitment to core objectives as well as the quality of our people.”
An emphasis on that perfect, mutually beneficial relationship between company and client runs throughout Denbow. Today, the company has served over 8000 clients, delivered in excess of 15 million cubic yards of wood residuals to agricultural, landscape and environmental projects, and counts everyone from filmmaker’s and government agencies to homeowners, to landscapers and engineering firms amongst its clientele.

“Our core values reflect commitment to our clients and the environment; our intention as a company is to assist our clients in being socially responsible, environmentally sustainable and financially successful simultaneously,” the company pledges. This is a value exemplified by the first-class and versatile range of products and services Denbow has to offer.

Denbow’s services catalogue

The first defining feature which strikes on closer inspection of Denbow is the sheer range of products and services. In addition to these, the company expertise in transporting and specialising in the placement of its products makes doing things the Denbow way a project-encompassing choice.

“We operate a specialized fleet of manufacturing, transport and installation equipment that is second-to-none in British Columbia,” the company assures. “We offer full or piece-work services to fit your needs and budget.”

Flexible, knowledgeable and economical, Denbow is also well qualified to get the job done right. The company is internationally certified to install Rexius erosion control systems, Filtrexx land improvement systems and Bioroof greenroof systems, to name a few.

Amongst the services on offer, Denbow also lists:
- Sawmill and bulk material removal service
- Land-clearing and demolition woodwaste grinding and disposal
- Onsite Composting
- Custom Soil and Organics Screening and Blending
- Bulk Delivery and Transport
- Pneumatic Express Blower applications
- Erosion and Sediment Control
- TerraseedingTM
- Stormwater Management

Yet what would these services be without the impressive range of products beside them? “In addition to bulk material supply, we offer quick, efficient and precise installation with our specialized pneumatic blower equipment—a service that is second to none,” the company says.

Other agricultural products include:
- Poultry & turkey bedding Horse & bovine bedding
- Indoor horse arena footing
- Greenhouse growing mediums
- Mushroom growing mediums
- Berry field root protection
- Grow ExxTM Modular organic cropping systems
- Turbo Air AerationTM systems
- ZeoliteTM

For the landscaping industry, Denbow delivers again and in addition to supplying bulk material the company also offers “specialized installation in difficult access and hard-to-reach areas with our Express Blowers.”

To touch on Denbow’s landscape product portfolio, the company delivers:
- BioroofTMGreenroof systems
- Filtrexx ® vegetated MSE and gravity wall systems
- NutriOMTM organic soil amender
- NutriLoamTM organic planting soils
- NutriMulchTM composted mulch
- Hemlock-Fir decorative mulches
- Colour enhanced mulches
- Custom Growing Mediums

However there is more to come. The company also has high-performance products for the environmental industry to offer its clients. These include supplying and certified installers to carry out specialized bespoke installation for those more unique projects.

Amongst the environmental services portfolio, Denbow brings:
- Filtrexx ® Erosion & Sediment Control Products
- Filtrexx ® Stormwater Management Products
- Rexius TM Erosion Control Systems
- CECTM Environmental Products
- BioroofTM Greenroof systems
- Turbo AirTM Aeration systems

The company stands today with the services, products and promises to wow even the most sceptical or envious of counterparts. The only thing left to do is to take a look at Denbow in action.

Denbow’s project portfolio

Back in 2006, Denbow was involved in the US$1.1 billion dollar Golden Ears Bridge project in Langley, B.C, and Pitt Meadows, B.C. This kilometre-long, high-level bridge, stretching over B.C’s Fraser river, brought with it 13 kilometres roadway and infrastructure through an environmentally sensitive location. The Fraser is reputed to be the world’s richest salmon river, and as such fisheries-sensitive concerns took president amidst construction of this, an integral part of the British Columbia Translink program.

Denbow was contracted by the project engineers to provide vital erosion and sediment control along with revegetation services throughout the three-year lifespan of this project. The company was involved in processing and manufacturing the onsite landscape growing medium by stripping material and ground woodwaste too. “Denbow was direct-sourced because of their focus on environmental sustainability and superior products and services,” the company report states.

That same year, Denbow put their expertise into practise on another landmark project; the Whistler Nordic Competition Venue, in Whistler, B.C, the cross-country and jumping hub for this year’s 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Contracted in by VANOC, Denbow provided erosion and revegetation services for the project, a high-profile CAD$620 million investment funded equally by the Governments of Canada and British Columbia.

“Part of VANOC’s mandate is to make sustainability a reality for the 2010 games,” Denbow’s report states. With this 250-hectare mega-site, which also contains a spectator capacity of 12,000, a sewer, water and power services, access roads and internal roads, parking lots, to say this is a big project would be modest.

“A total of 30,000 square yards of material was ground and composted onsite, pneumatically placed as Ecoblanket™ and Terraseeded™. Material for SiltSoxx™ was also manufactured to control erosion and sediment loss,” Denbow says.

“Denbow offered a unique, sustainable solution that not only dealt with non-merchantable landclearing materials that would otherwise be burned, but would also produce valuable products that would control erosion and re-establish vegetation throughout the site.”

With another project we.ll-executed and a client’s wish fulfilled, Denbow continues to grow from strength to strength. This company has the products, services and direct project examples to do every job it faces with the greatest care for both clients and environment alike. It’s a tricky balance to master, but it looks like this company has cracked it.