The Diamond Company and Fine Gold Jewellers

Passionate and Dedicated to Celebrating Joyous Occasions

The Tadros family has been in jewellery business for three generations. While the tradition started in Egypt, the Tadros family operates six jewellery stores under two Toronto jewellery trademarks: Fine Gold Jewellers and The Diamond Company. Fine Gold Jewellers has been serving Canadians with an exquisite selection of fine jewellery since 1987, and The Diamond Company offers an exquisite selection of fine diamond jewellery at every price range.

The Canadian Business Journal spoke with Silvia Tadros, the third generation behind this successful family business. “My grandfather was a jeweller and he passed the tradition onto my father, who now passed it on to me. My father Mansour Tadros originally learned the basics of the craft from his father. He immigrated to Canada in 1980 and started working for a jewellery manufacturer, but he quickly learned and built connections in the industry, and in 1987 he was given the opportunity to open a small jewellery store in Barrie, Ont. Fine Gold Jewellers started there and expanded throughout Ontario. In 1996 we founded The Diamond Company after identifying a need to focus more exclusively on diamond jewellery and engagement rings. Today, we own and operate two Fine Gold Jewellers locations and four The Diamond Company locations throughout the GTA,” says Tadros.

The company remains competitive by focusing on providing quality product, carrying unique, exclusive designs in a wide variety of settings, whether it’s gold, platinum or even silver. “Our business is mainly comprised of diamond engagement rings, necklaces and colour stone jewellery and watches. We also do custom work designs and this makes us extremely competitive.

“Within the last few years we started to carry sterling silver collections. I think with rising gold prices there was a shift in the whole jewellery industry towards sterling silver. Historically, 10 or 15 years ago, our business was primarily gold, and now we have introduced silver lines as well. The silver opens itself to more fashion jewellery, but today we also have diamond- encrusted silver jewellery. This was very rare say 10 years ago. There is a movement to create more designs with sterling silver, diamonds and coloured stones,” says Tadros.

Being a small business with solid connection in the industry is part of the company’s value proposition. Tadros & Tadros Ltd. sources quality diamonds from its wide industry network. The company offers years of experience helping customers make their dream jewellery a reality, offering diamond rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, accompanied by the option of creating custom pieces that best reflect the customer’s taste.

“Our industry is extremely competitive. Our competitive advantage would be in three main categories: sourcing – we have very skilled buyers and we have strong relationships with the wholesalers, so we are able to source the very best diamonds at the best prices, passing on that value onto our customers; customization – we are able to provide customization to the clients at very competitive rates. We have the ability to identify our clients’ needs and work with them to create custom jewellery pieces. This really sets us apart in the industry. We are able to turn over a custom made piece within four to six weeks, which is also a very quick turnaround. Today’s customers are looking for customization and are looking for more quality and uniqueness in each piece. So that’s something we like to specialize in. Everyone likes something they can call their own. The last thing that gives us the competitive advantage is our experience.

Word of mouth is key to our business,” says Tadros.

The company stays on top of the latest fashion trends by following the industry publications as well as visiting industry tradeshows such as the JCK and the JIS.

These comprehensive jewellery gatherings in North America offer superior experience for businesses to network in the jewellery industry. “The shows happen mainly in the United States throughout the year, and they are very important to us. They give us the opportunity to see hundreds of different vendors in one spot, and see what’s on trend, and what the market is going to see next,” says Tadros.

“We are passionate about continuously improving our business. I think going forward we will be looking into adding new product lines and assortments to expand our business. Further down the line – in the next five to 10 years – we plan to develop our own in-house brand that we hope will be recognized in the industry.

“We are in the business of celebrating joyous occasions with our clients, which makes us very passionate and dedicated to our business; a legacy we hope to carry into future generations,” concluded Tadros.