January Issue of The Canadian Business Journal Now Online

Mississauga, Ontario - George Media Inc. is pleased to announce the January issue of The Canadian Business Journal is now available online at www.cbj.ca. Click on the cover to enter the magazine or click http://www.cbj.ca/EMAG/2014/Jan/CBJ.php to go directly into the publication.  Click “Full Screen” on the bottom navigation pane for optimal viewing.

Our cover feature is an exclusive one-on-one interview with former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney as the NAFTA agreement celebrates its 20th anniversary. Mulroney goes into great detail about the trials and tribulations of assembling such a massive agreement, dating back to the earliest negotiations more than a quarter century ago with American President George Bush Sr. and then Mexican President Carlos Salinas. Approaching his 75th birthday, it is clear Mulroney is as passionate and devoted to the ideals of free trade now as he was back then.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce Chief Economist Tina Kremmidas provides an expert’s point of view on the economic outlook in 2014-15 for both Canada and the world at large.

As life expectancy expands throughout Canada thanks to advancements in medicine, the topic of how to cope with an aging population and the inherent strains on provincial healthcare systems go hand in hand. An expert panel assembled at The Toronto Region Board of Trade discussing this very matter as it pertains to Ontario and what needs to be done to ensure the well being of its citizens as people reach their golden years.

We have our regular monthly columnsfrom Mark Borkowski and Melonie Dodaro and insightful Business In Action profiles on successful enterprises, large, medium and small. There’s all of that and much more in this edition.

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(Marketwired—Dec. 16, 2013)

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